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List Description
a [no description available]
aardvark [no description available]
aardwolf [no description available]
Adult_Education to post announcements, and discuss needs and issues important to the field of adult education, specifically in Maine - to be used by state staff, program staff and partners
agilemind Announcement and teacher-to-teacher sharing.
AltEd The purpose of this Alternative Ed listserv will be to provide timely communication to alternative educators and to interested stakeholders of alternative education in Maine.
BehavioralHealth A list to disseminate licensing information on mental health and substance abuse programs.
bfi_interested_parties Required notices to parties who have expressed interest in PFR Bureau applications and regulations
BPLPictureRequest Maine State Parks 75th Anniversary Picture Request
CACFP A method for CACFP institutions to exchange information and reman current on regulations, memos, and training opportunities.
Cdc-odrvs-cnp Communications with nurse practitioners re: CDC issues
Cdc-odrvs-courts Communications with courts re: CDC issues
Cdc-odrvs-funeral Communications with funeral directors re: CDC issues
Cdc-odrvs-hosp Communications with hospitals re: CDC issues
Cdc-odrvs-med-ex Communications with medical examinsers re: CDC issues
Cdc-odrvs-midwives Communications with midwives re: CDC issues
Cdc-odrvs-munclerks Communications with municipal clerks re: CDC issues
Cdc-odrvs-phys Communications with physicians re: CDC issues
child.nutrition Communicating about child nutrition with schools
childcarefacilities A list to facilitate communication among Child Care Facilities and the Department.
CLGMaine For the Maine CLGs to connect and discuss issues
CommunitySchools The purpose of this Community Schools listserv will be to provide timely communication to existing community schools and to interested school personnel regarding community schools in Maine.
Conservationstrategicplan2012 Conservation Strategic Plan Review
CounselorCaseCapacity Tracking the number of new cases counselors can accept
CWRI [no description available]
Dafs_project_management [no description available]
Dantest [no description available]
dhhs-con Information updates on DHHS Certificates of Need
DHHS-ICD10 MaineCare's ICD-10 Team
dhhs_test DHHS listserve instruction and testing
dlrs-medicalfacilities A list to facilitate communication among Medical Facilities
dlrs-nursingfacilities A list to facilitate communication among Nursing Facility Providers, Consumers, Interested Parties and Regulators
DOE-Arts A Maine Department of Education Newsletter for Maine's VPA Educators
DOE-EducationalTechnology To communicate with Maine Educators (PreK, K-12, Higher Education, CTE, Adult Education) about resources or professional learning events related to educational technology.
DOE-Fresh-Fruit-and-Vegetables Share information, technical assitance, resources, success on the FFVP in schools.
DOE-LanguageSpeak Statewide direct communication with world languages teachers
DOE_EmergencyMGT School Security, Maine Safety and Emergency Preparedness
doe_ss Social Studies Communication
DOEdata [no description available]
DOEMATH The DOE Mathematics Specialists will use the listserv to share upcoming events, opportunities, and information with Maine educators.
DOEStudentCabinet communicate with Student Cabinet Members
ecmaine Early Learning in Maine
Education [no description available]
ELA_teachers Department of Education, ELA teachers list
EnglishLanguageArts Share information about ELA with those who are interested
erate-maine Announcements and assistance for Maine schools and libraries that participate in the E-rate program
ESEA Allow ESEA Coordinators and staff to communicate with each other and ask questions related to ESEA Federal funds and grants.
ESL.Communication Maine DOE ESOL Communications
ESLTitleIII Official communication with Title III grantees
familychildcare A list to facilitate communication between Family Child Care Providers and the Department Network of agencies, farmers and other interested parties to create a strong active farm to school connection for local farmers and local schools in Maine
filmoffice Maine Film Office and Maine Film Commission news
filmoffice_industry [no description available]
geolibrary [no description available]
Harmony SAMS communication
healthoccs Health Occupations educators
HouseSpeaker Public information service
ImmPact2 Communications related to ImmPact2
Industries Maine State Prison Showroom Updates
informe-board InforME Board members
Internal [no description available]
KMCC A place to share resources, relevant training and event notices for all those who work alongside KMCC
Leadership_Excellence_Academy Purpose: for directors participating in this professional development project in FY10.
Libworld LibWorld is a listserv for libraries participating in the AutomateMe grant or any Maine library using LibraryWorld for automation. The list is a place to discuss issues and challenges, share ideas for improving the system, or ask questions of those using the software.
LivingWell Living Well program communication and coordination; information dissemination
Lotterywinningnumbersannouncement Lottery Winning Numbers Enhancement Announcement
LSRSUpdates Progress of the LSRS Initiative
Mac-ArtsEd Maine Arts Commission Arts Ed info
maine_ems Communications with Maine EMS providers
maine_social_studies To inform educators about social studies-related professional development.
MaineAsthmaCouncil Share information with statewide partners regarding asthma and air quality
MaineAWARE To aid communication among partners in the Maine AWARE project
MainecareManagedCare Publish information about the MaineCare Managed Care initiative.
MaineDOERegionalization Share information, technical assistance, resources, success of regionalization and provide direct communication with RSC boards and management
MaineLiteracy Maine Literacy
MaineMentorTrainers Disseminate information to Maine's Mentor Trainers
MaineMSW Maine Solid Waste List Serve
Mainewildlifepark special events taking place at park
mckinneyvento To provide information from the ME DOE to SAU McKinney-Vento Liaisons and other interested providers who serve students experiencing homelessness.
MDOC_newsletter Sending out the MDOC newsletter
MDOE_social_studies MDOE Social Studies Updates
mdoecomms Communicate with educators
MDOESchoolSEL Share information about supportive social emotional learning
MEA Assessment info to school personnel
MEA-NECAP Assessment info to school personnel
MECDC-MedicalReserveCorps To provide a network of discussions between all MRC Coordinators within Maine
mentoringandinduction To communicate with the field about best practices in mentoring and induction.
mesppsdir To communicate with all Maine Special Purpose Private School Directors
MLCP Library conference committee discussion list
MLRBdecisions Notice of MLRB Decisions Posted
mlti-grant Mass communication with all MLTI grant schools
MLTI-interested-parties Communication about MLTI
MLTI-RFP Informational updates regarding the MLTI RFP for Bidders.
mlti_apple Communication to MLTI Apple Opt In Schools
MLTI_HP Communication with HP Opt In schools
MLTI_iPad Communication with Apple Primary Opt In schools
MLTI_Macbook Communication about MLTI
Monitor [no description available]
Mqfaccouncil Maine Quality Assurance Forum
msenc-news Maine State Employee News Center Announcements
MSLdelivery Announcements for Participating MSL Delivery Members.
mssc Communicate with educators about school safety
navigating-life-and-career Communication platform between Maine educators and Maine DOE Career and Education
nurseryschool A list to communicate with Nursery Schools in Maine
OADS Provider and Consumer Communication
OADSVendorCall OADS Vendor Call
OAMHS information dissemination
oit-news OIT Newsletter
OPA Electronic distribution of publications
PANHWforum Open to anyone in Maine interested in physical activity/education, nutrition, healthy weight & obesity prevention & control.
PayportMessage A Way to distribute PayPort information to all municipalities using the service.
pbis Collaborate Educators regarding Positive Behavior Intervention Support
PETeachers Department of Education, PE Teachers list
PostiveApproaches [no description available]
PredictedClassDay Predicted Class Day
Provider Provider Notification
PSAP-PUC Information to PSAP Personnel
Public-Prek-Teachers Communication with public prek teachers
PublicLibDirectors Public library directors will discuss emerging issues for public libraries.
realizemaine [no description available]
Rhpc-cah-ceo Sending out notification of new documents online
Rhpc-cah-cno Sending out notification of new documents online
Rhpc-cah-qd Sending out notification of new documents online
rti [no description available]
SafetyWorks Send out employee and employer safety and health information
SafetyWorks! Send out employee and employer safety and health information
SchoolBasedMentalHealthProfessionals Share information with school based mental health professionals supporting students List Format: announcement
SchoolNutritionNonprofit To commincate between school nonprofits on regulations, guidance and exchange of ideas.
SpecialEducators Communicate with Special Education Educators across Maine
ss_teachers Department of Education, SS Teachers list
STAR For participants of STAR project
statecarscharter [no description available]
statecarstech Technical Group for State CARS group
stormwaterengineering Maine DEP Stormwater Engineering
Sysadmin A list for list admins to test the system.
Taxreformupdates Send tax reform updates
TCME Technology Coordinators of ME schools
Testinglist Provider Notification
Testlist [no description available]
Testmailman [no description available]
TitleIIIDistrictSupt Communicate with district Superintendents receiving Title III funds
treasurernews [no description available]
watershedmanagers News and discussion forum for watershed managers in Maine
wcb [no description available]
wcbenews [no description available]
web-discuss [no description available]
webaccessibility [no description available]
WorkReady communicate with WorkReady Community
YAP A forum to exchange information resources and ideas for Youth Advocacy Projects of the Healthy Maine Partnerships

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