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Life as the Visual and Performing Arts Specialist has been especially
busy lately.  In the last ten days I have visited 20 classrooms, had
conversations with numerous administrators, presented workshops and
promoted arts education to a variety of individuals.  I can not say
enough how important it is to collect data about your programs in any
concrete manner.  This information can make a difference!  ** At this
point 353 people are receiving the arts newsletter.  PLEASE check with
your arts colleagues to see if they are receiving it.  If not, email me
and I would be glad to add them.  My goal is to reach 400 arts teachers
by the close of school in June!  ** As the months go by my belief
becomes stronger that the visual and performing arts teachers (in each
school) have the most important job in the building.  I am grateful for
all that you do every day!  Please continue to strive to be the best
educator you can for every student!  


ARTS CONFERENCE-Oct. 5,6, 2007

The first meeting of the conference planning committee was held on March
21st.  The conference will be held on October 5 and 6th at the Samoset
in Rockland.  Please plan on joining us for the two days.  The planning
committee is made up of representatives from Maine Music Educators
Association, Maine Art Education Association, Maine Drama Council, Dance
Educators of Maine, Maine Arts Commission, Maine Alliance for Arts
Education, Very Special Arts and Maine Department of Education.  Through
your professional organization you may have been asked if you will be
attending.  If you have not responded to this question from another
source please email me argy.nestor at maine.gov

with a YES if you think you MIGHT attend.  We need an approximate number
in order to secure rooms at the Samoset.  You will in NO WAY be held
accountable if you say yes now and do not attend the conference.  Thanks
for your help!


Argy's Arts Blog

If you have suggestions for the conference and/or wish to tell us how
you celebrate kids work in the arts please go to 

and post your comments. Thanks!



** $5000.00 Fellowship

The Maine Alliance for Arts Education (MAAE) and the Maine Community
Foundation (Maine CF) announced the recipients of the first round of the
Maine Arts Teachers Fellowship Program. Congratulations to the eight
arts teachers who have been selected to receive the $5000.00 fellowship:
Ora Aselton, Narraguagus High School, Harrington; Michael Davis,
Sherwood Heights Elementary School, Auburn; Katherine Greene, George
Stevens Academy, Blue Hill; Katy Helman, Deer Isle-Stonington High
School, Deer Isle; Vaughn McLaughlin, Caribou High School, Caribou; K.
Barry Saunders, Sea Road School and Kennebunkport Consolidated School,
Kennebunk; and Allison Villani, Portland High School, Portland; Shanna
Wheelock, Lubec Consolidated School, Lubec. Please go to 
http://www.maineallforartsed.org/matf.html for more details.


** Out of the 18 teachers nominated for Maine Teacher of the Year, four
of them are music or visual art teachers.  The teachers are: Joe
Fagnant, Instrumental Music, Band Director, Houlton High School,
Houlton; Charlie Johnson, Art and Digital Art teacher, Mount Desert
Island High School, Mt. Desert; George Shabo, grades 4-8 Music, Loranger
Middle School, Old Orchard Beach; and Kris Vigue, Grades 6-12,
Instrumental Music and Music Theory/History, Stearns High School,
Millinocket.  These four teachers, along with the other nominees, will
begin an extensive process this week with a ceremony at the state house
in the hall of flags.  Please wish them luck! 


** In the words of music educator, Mike Davis: "The Eastern Division
Conference in Hartford was absolutely FANTASTIC.  With an attendance of
1,790 music teachers from as far away as Virginia, the 4 day conference
was a very motivational trip for all who attended.  We had a nice
contingency from Maine! 

** Several Maine visual arts educators attended the National Art
Educators conference in NYC recently.  It was an awesome experience with
5,000 teachers in attendance.  The highlight was keynote speaker Daniel
Pink who wrote: "A Whole New Mind" 

http://www.danpink.com/  This is a MUST READ for every arts educator.


** The legislature has been working overtime to come up with a plan for
the reorganization of school districts.  Please look at their latest
work that I have attached. 



Attached is a document from Anita Bernhardt, with an update on the Maine
Learning Results.



** Service Learning grants are available (over a three year period) and
this year several schools were awarded funding (many include the arts).
Teacher training is offered and funding is available through Kids
Consortium.  Please learn more by going to 
http://www.kidsconsortium.org/  If you wish to attend a one day service
learning training please learn more by going to 
http://www.kidsconsortium.org/professional_develop.html .


** Redesign Your Schools contest, $10,000 scholarship available.  Please
see attached for details.



** Study: Early music lessons improve language sensitivity.

Playing a musical instrument significantly enhances the brain's
sensitivity to speech sounds, Northwestern University researchers found
in a study to appear in the April issue of Nature Neuroscience.
Experience with music at a young age can fine-tune the brain's auditory
system, making music elementary classes vital, says Nina Kraus, the
study's senior author. Science Daily Magazine (3/13) 

<http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/03/070312152003.htm>  .


** Looking for information for "an entertaining case for creating an
education system that nurtures creativity?" Please learn more by going
to http://www.ted.com/tedtalks/tedtalksplayer.cfm?key=ken_robinson .


** April's issue of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School is
dedicated to the connection of the Arts and Math.  It has a variety of
interdisciplinary units.  Please go to 

for each article. 



** Michele Kaschub, Ph.D., University of Southern Maine, is launching a
graduate certificate program at USM for teaching music composition
PreK-12 this summer.  For more information go to 
http://www.composingtogether.com/ .



Quote for the day

The greater danger is not that our hopes are too high and we may fail to
reach them.  It is that they are too low and we do.  -Michaelangelo 


Make it a great April,



Argy Nestor

Visual and Performing Arts Specialist

Maine Department of Education

23 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333-0023


fax: 624-6821

argy.nestor at maine.gov



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