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 GREETINGS FROM ARGY'S CUBBY with a view of the 

STATE HOUSE DOME at the Department of Education



Arts Advocacy Day, chaired by Kathy Deupree, board member from Maine
Alliance for Arts Education (MAAE), was held on Wednesday, March 7th at
the state house and was a huge success!!  Each of you can be proud
knowing MAAE provided a great opportunity for the ARTS to SHINE!
Governor Baldacci and the first lady attended and read the arts advocacy
proclamation.  They assisted Carol Trimble, Executive Director of the
MAAE and Rich Abramson, Chair of the organization in giving out awards.
Outstanding Advocate for Arts Education award was presented to Jennifer
Ryan for her work with L/A Arts and Bill Bonyun Artist/Educator Award
was presented to dancer Gretchen Berg.  Honorable mentions went to paper
maker Richard Lee and music educator Steve Orlofsky.  Honored Nominees
were dance educator Sandra Cyrus, art educator Charles Hamm, Portland
Ballet Director Eugenia O'Brien and music educator Rob Westerberg.  Abby
McCann, senior at Winslow High School, gave an awesome speech that is
attached to this newsletter.  Heather Leonas, student artist from
Monmouth Academy, was recognized for an incredible portrait she created
that was used to announce the event.  Each professional organization
representing the arts: MMEA, MAEA, DEMS, DOE and other arts
organizations had displays for legislatures and the public to visit.
Please thank MAAE for sponsoring such a wonderful day for the arts. 



The Youth Art Month opening at the Portland Museum of Art was held on
Friday, March 2nd and was SPECTACULAR!  The student exhibit will remain
on display throughout March.  Congratulations to the Maine Art Education
Association and Portland Museum of Art for collaborating on this
wonderful exhibit!  


On February 27th Commissioner Gendron sent a news release that withdrew
the request for the change in student-teacher ratio.  In the
commissioner's words: "It became clear in meeting people throughout the
state that they were concerned a cut in funding allocation for teaching
would result in loss of art, Advanced Placement classes and other
areas".  See the attached document for the entire news release.



Thank you to the folks who have gone online and added their comments to
the arts blog in regards to the planning of the Visual and Performing
Arts Conference planned for October 28 and 29th.   After the list-serve
message I sent in regards to Music in Our Schools Month, Youth Art
Month, and Arts Advocacy Day some folks have emailed sharing what they
do to celebrate the Arts during March and throughout the year.  Please
go to the blog and keep the conversation going by sharing what you do in
your communities throughout Maine.  This information would be helpful to
folks in planning ideas for their own school communities.  Remember if
you don't want to "speak" on the blog, you can join by listening.  The
blog address is: http://mearts.edublogs.org/



If you are interested please check out the attachment of grant



I look forward to hearing from the Maine music educators who attended
their Eastern Division Music Conference in Hartford, CT last week!


The following is a link to an article entitled: "Academics and the Arts"
by Douglas Reeves.  It addresses "arts place" in the school curriculum.
This can be found in the February 2007 issue of Educational Leadership: 



If you know of others who would like to receive this newsletter, please
have them contact me at my email address below.  If for some reason you
do not want to receive this newsletter every two weeks, please contact
me and I will remove you from the list-serve.


Many creative people initially are seen as troublemakers, simply because
their vigorous and uncompromising analysis exposes problems that
previously had been ignored."

-Robert Grudin, The Grace of Great Things: Creativity and Innovation

Make it a great day,



Argy Nestor

Visual and Performing Arts Specialist

Maine Department of Education

23 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333-0023


fax: 624-6821

argy.nestor at maine.gov












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