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ARTS NEWSLETTER #20 – 13 November 2007

the Department of Education


CONGRATULATIONS to all the students and teachers involved in high  
school musicals this month.  I had the opportunity to see two this  
past weekend.  I know hours and commitment that theater, music, and  
art educators to put forth for these enormous productions.  Year  
after year students, parents, and community members look forward to  
visiting high schools around the state to see the magic when  
teenagers take to the stage.  What a great opportunity to promote  
arts programs.  ‘BREAK LEGS’ to all of you!


This electronic arts education newsletter is going to 571 readers.   
This is an increase of 4 from the last newsletter.  You can read back  
issues by clicking on: http://mailman.informe.org/pipermail/doe-arts/
I know there many NEW teachers so please ask them to contact me if  
they are interested in receiving the arts education newsletter:  
argy.nestor at maine.gov

For information on the reorganization law and its implementation  
please go to http://www.maine.gov/education/supportingschools/index.html
It is important that you are aware of the law and communicate about  
the importance of arts education in the transition to the  


This is a link to a wonderful essay entitled "Dancing All the Dances

As Long As I Can" by Robert Fulghum. This was part of NPR's October  
27th segment "This I Believe Series".  Robert Fulghum wrote  
"Everything I Learned....I Learned in Kindergarten" and was a  
minister and a painting teacher.  You can read his essay or listen to  
him reading it, at this link http://www.npr.org/templates/story/ 


No explanation needed, just please click on http://www.neticons.net/ 


If you haven’t see this short video of Sir Kenneth Robinson speaking  
on creativity please check it out at http://anguswhines.typepad.com/ 
Please check out the porta portal at http://portaportal.com.  On the  
right side of the screen find the words “Guest Access”.  Below  
that, under the words “Guest Name” in the box type: meartsed.  To  
the right of that click “Visit”.  There are many links to websites  
for you to use.   If you have any sites you’d like to share, I will  
add them, please send them along to me argy.nestor at maine.gov


Some thought provoking comments were posted on the Arts Blog on the  
music topic that was posted in the last newsletter.  If you’d like  
to share your thoughts on the topics I post please go to the blog at  

Another topic you can respond to: Recently I received an email from a  
high school arts educator informing me that the use of “iphones and  
ipod touch have been banned from her school with the reason being a  
teacher will not know if a student is on the phone or illegally  
taking pictures”.

·         What’s your opinion on the topic?

Is there a policy in your school on electronic devices?
Is your school using ipods as a teaching tool?
How have you been innovative with this technology?
If your school has put policy’s in place, what is the reason for  
this change?
Please take a few minutes and go to the Arts blog http:// 
mearts.edublogs.org/ and give feedback on what you know is happening  
in your school district and give your opinion.
To use the arts blog please follow these directions: Click on http:// 
mearts.edublogs.org/ Each comment you see is a different topic that  
has been posted for you to read and/or respond to.  At the bottom of  
the topic you see the number of “comments”.  Click on the word  
“comments”.  At the bottom of this page you need to fill in the  
boxes (not necessary to fill in “website” box) and in the large  
space type in your comment and than hit “Submit Comment”.  The  
comment goes to me and I approve the comments before they can be posted.


Origami: It’s not just about folding up pieces of paper to make  
those little cranes anymore.  Physicist Robert Lang has made a  
science of this ancient Japanese art.  In more than 30 years of  
practicing the craft, Lang has created more than 400 unique designs  
and written books on the subject.  He combines a deep appreciation  
for traditional aesthetics with advanced mathematics and computer  
modeling, using software he developed to discover combinations of  
folds that he calls “computational origami”.   Lang applies his  
expertise to solve real – world engineering problems such as helping  
to design automobile airbags.  He designed a lens the size of a  
football field for a gigantic telescope that the Lawrence Livermore  
National Laboratory wants to put in space.  His paperwork has been  
exhibited in galleries around the world.  To learn more about Mr.  
Lang’s work please go to http://www.langorigami.com
·      Art in the Heart: Tuesday, November 27th, 4:00-6:00PM, Room  
101, Brewer High School, 79 Parkway South, Brewer.  If you have  
questions please contact Randy Menninghaus at menninghaus at brewerdu.org


A student at Teachers College, Columbia University is conducting  
research about arts educators and their experiences with assessment.   
This survey will take you 10 minutes to complete online at http:// 

If you are interested in traveling to Japan with the Fulbright  
Memorial Fund program online applications are due December 15th.  I  
was fortunate to be part of the program in 2000 and urge you to take  
advantage of this “all expense paid unique experience” and would  
be glad to answer any questions you might have.  Access information  
and the application at http://www.fulbrightmemorialfund.jp/


PCA Great Performances’ Family Series presents Mayhem Poets,  
Saturday, November 17th at 7:00 p.m. at John Ford Auditorium,  
Portland High School.  Tickets $10 and are available at the door.   
This presentation is great for middle and high school students and  
parents.  For more information please contact Barri Lynn Moreau at  
blmoreau at pcagreatperformances.org
Bay Chamber Concerts is sold out for their school performance of the  
Wakaiko Yamato Japanese drummers at Strom Auditorium at Camden Hills  
Regional High School.  In fact, there are 748 students on the waiting  
list!  Because of the great interest in this performance Bay Chambers  
is offering the following for the public performance:
Ø    December 9, 4:00 PM at Strom Auditorium

Ø    Education group rate of 8 youth tickets ($8 each)

For more information please go to Bay Chamber website at http:// 

Bay Chamber Concerts presents a dance workshop with BodyVox on  
Saturday, January 12, 4:30 - 6:00 p.m. at the Camden Hills Regional  
High School.  “Dancing from the Core: Contemporary Dance” is a  
basic, well-rounded technique workshop with emphasis on contemporary,  
modern, and ballet.  Tickets for the workshop are $10 for individuals  
and $20 for families.  To register, please call the box office at  
207-236-2823. For more information about BodyVox, please visit their  
website: www.bodyvox.com  The public performance of BodyVox will be  
Sunday, January 13 at 2:30 in the Strom Auditorium, Camden Hills  
Regional High School, Rockport, tickets $27 - $35, youth ages 25 and  
under are $8.
·      The Theater at Monmouth presents William Shakespeare’s  
Macbeth, January 19- February 6, 2008.  The Theater is one of 31  
professional theaters in the US selected to participate in this  
National Endowment of the Arts’ Shakespeare in American Communities  
program and are interested in every Maine high school having the  
opportunity to participate.  In addition to the performances,  
workshops are available for

students, teachers and community members. Pre-planned or custom

designed workshops are also available, as time permits.  For more  
information or to make arrangements for the program to travel to your  
high school please contact Director David Greenham at 933-2952 or at  
tamoffice at theateratmonmouth.org

·      The Cellistanbul cello quartet will be there in February, not  
December, as stated in the last newsletter.  If you have questions  
please email Barb Packales at Bbpackales at aol.com


On JUNE 12-15, 2008 National Music Educators will gather more than  
5000 students to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Washington  
Monument. This event will remind our nation of the importance of  
music programs in our schools.  To learn more please click on http:// 


Beth Walker is looking for the study guide for the Praxis II Art  
Content Knowledge (Test Code 0133).  If you can help please contact  
her at bwalker2 at msad45.net


Attached is a story found in the New York Times about Gustavo Dudamel  
from Venezuela, the incredible young conductor for the Los Angeles  


·      Beth Preston is putting together a group of 12-16 voices,  
Aureole Chamber Ensemble, soloists and/or very strong choral  
vocalists.  Rehearsals will take pale on Sunday’s, 4-6 at Lincoln  
Academy in Newcastle.  For more information or if you are interested  
please contact Beth at preston at lincolnacademy.org

·      Bremen Union Church is in need of an organist.  The choir has  
7-10 members year round with additional voices in the summer months.   
If you are interested please contact Pastor Kathleen M. Maclachlan at  
kmmac06 at yahoo.com

·      Steel drum band director is needed in Wayne.  If interested  
please contact Justin Walton at jwalton at sad11.k12.me.us


The 1st annual Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship is for students  
starting at age 14.  All high school, college and university students  
are eligible.  The design can be created in photography, graphic  
design or fine arts.  The submission date is January 15, 2008.  For  
more information please go to http://www.gallerycollection.com/ 


You can find interesting reading in the Maine ASCD (Association for  
Supervision and Curriculum Development) Blog.  Please click on http:// 


Through the NASA Engineering Design Challenge, elementary, middle and  
high school students will:

Design, build, and evaluate lunar plant growth chambers
Receive cinnamon basils seeds flown on STS-118
Test lunar growth chambers by growing and comparing both space-flown  
and earth-based control seeds
For more information and to register please go to http://www.nasa.gov/ 


“The things I learned from my experience in music in school are  
discipline, perseverance, dependability, composure, courage and pride  
in results. . . Not a bad preparation for the workforce!”

- Gregory Anrig – President, Educational Testing Service

Make it a great day,


Argy Nestor
Visual and Performing Arts Specialist
Maine Department of Education
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0023
fax: 207-624-6821
argy.nestor at maine.gov

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