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In the ARTS ED NEWSLETTER #20 there was information (see below) on  
the Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship opportunity for students.   
Thank you to Melissa Avery, art teacher from John Bapst High School  
in Bangor, for emailing me the following information:

MAINE cannot enter the $10,000 contest.  Here is their reasoning why...
Unfortunately, we had to eliminate the state of Maine from our  
competition due to its law that prevents the sponsor of a scholarship  
award from judging the results. Our staff of designers does the  
judging, which in our case is most appropriate since the winning  
entry needs to be consistent with our current greeting card line. Of  
course, our employees, their families and household members are not  
permitted to participate in the contest.
Please note that if students attend a college or university in Maine  
but have permanent residences out of state, they would be eligible  
and can enter the contest from their home addresses. Also, Maine  
residents who attend school out of state can also enter the contest  
from their school addresses.
In an effort to include Maine in the competition, we have contacted  
the state’s attorney general. It is our intention to conduct this  
contest every year and we hope that the statute presently preventing  
us from including Maine can be reconsidered. Please feel free to  
support our request.

The 1st annual Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship is for students  
starting at age 14.  All high school, college and university students  
are eligible.  The design can be created in photography, graphic  
design or fine arts.  The submission date is January 15, 2008.  For  
more information please go to http://www.gallerycollection.com/ 

I apologize if this has caused any inconvenience for you!
Make it a great Thanksgiving,

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