[DOE-Arts] Happy last week of October!

Argy Nestor argy.nestor at maine.gov
Tue Oct 27 07:21:03 EDT 2009

There is a nip in the air but I am enjoying the clear night skies of  
October and hope you are as well!

Dance educator, Erma Colvin is wondering if anyone studies the  
Renaissance and has a Renaissance fair? If you do or know someone that  
does please contact Erma at erma3_04574 at yahoo.com. She plans on  
developing a unit and would like to learn from you!

Elementary music educator, Mike Drinkwater is seeking resources that  
demonstrate how PE and music relate, how they are and where they are  
similar and where they are different. Also, any units where music and  
PE might compliment each other. If you have resources that might help  
Mike please communicate with him directly at mdrinkwater at msad31.com.

Another record has been broken this week with 912 visitors to the arts  
education blog! WOW!

The following are the latest blog posts. PLEASE be sure and post a  
comment and remember that it won't go on the blog until I make that  
happen at my end....
** MAMLE conference - Bright Futures! report presentation
** Beautiful Sunday - time spent outside picking apples
** “The Arts Connect” Conference Continues: Part XXV – Cori Modisette   
and Beth Dunfee-Pierce - art museum world tour session
** “The Arts Connect” Conference Continues: Part XXIIII - Andrea  
Peterson - conference keynote
** “The Arts Connect” Conference Continues: Part XXIII – Susan Potters  
- community connections session
** “The Arts Connect” Conference Continues: Part XXII – David  
Patterson - blogging session
** MLTI Webinars - online professional development opportunities
** M.Ed. Integrated Teaching Through the Arts - Lesley University  
** “The Arts Connect” Conference Continues: Part XXI – Jennifer  
Bourgeault - artists showcase dancer
** “The Arts Connect” Conference Continues: Part XX – Rachel Spatz -  
the inclusive visual arts program
** “The Arts Connect” Conference Continues: Part XIX – Jeri Pitcher -  
bringing Shakespeare's language to life
** “The Arts Connect” Conference Continues: Part XVIII - Alan Kaschub  
- filmscoring basics
** Call for Student Artwork - art education and social justice contest

Next week I will be visiting my 91 year old mother so if you have  
questions please be patient with me because I probably won't get to  
your emails or phone calls in a timely fashion.

Make it a great last of October,

Argy Nestor
Visual and Performing Arts Specialist
Maine Department of Education
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0023
fax: 207-624-6821
argy.nestor at maine.gov

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