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Argy Nestor argy.nestor at maine.gov
Wed Jan 13 22:29:04 EST 2010

Thank you to the many folks who have sent me information to post on  
the blog. There are many new professional and student opportunities  
listed as well as upcoming events and research posted. Recently added  
to the blogroll, found on the right side of the front page of the  
meartsed blog, is a link to music educator Barbara Packales.

You can go the the blog at http://meartsed.wordpress.com/ and read  
about the topics listed below. The first post is about the MLTI  
laptops screen saver images for next years computers. This a great  
opportunity for students and this year we're providing a teaching and  
learning opportunity. You can view the photos as they are posted on  
Studywiz and select your favorite one. You may wish to use the photos  
and design a lesson or unit on how to use them with your students.   
You may read the blog or check out the screen saver info by going to  
the MDOE arts ed pages at http://www.maine.gov/education/lres/vpa/news.html 
  The deadline is January 24th.

** Call for Photographs for the MLTI Laptops - Don't delay
** Judy’s Tune Room - Judy Pancoast, performer has interesting music  
** Lake Region High School Dancers Perform - review of the holiday  
** Doorpost Film Project - Outstanding film project
** Reaching Students Through STEM and the Arts - Important article on  
STEM and the Arts
** The Wizard of Oz and Web 2.0 - High School integrates web 2.0 tools  
and theater class
** Teaching Today - Pause and reflect 21st century education
** Yankee Magazine Article - MAEA art exhibit
** Creative Collaboration at its Best! - Around the world and music  
** Maine Alliance for Arts Education Awards - Don't miss nominating  
someone who deserves to be recognized

Many email addresses have been deleted from the list-serv due to the  
reorganization. Please check with other teachers and make sure they  
are receiving emails from me once a week! Stay warm.

Make it a great day,

Argy Nestor
Visual and Performing Arts Specialist
Maine Department of Education
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0023
fax: 207-624-6821
argy.nestor at maine.gov

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