[DOE-Arts] Happy Last Week in Jan.

Argy Nestor argy.nestor at maine.gov
Wed Jan 27 06:23:44 EST 2010

Just like that January is almost over. Here we are in the last week of  
the first month of the new decade. I don't know about you but the  
days, weeks, months, and years seem to be zipping by. Periodically I  
am reminded of the importance of making the most of each day when I  
learn of what is happening with family and friends. Paul Faria's  
retirement this week marks one of those times. I try to do more  
reading, learning, connecting with others, creating and having fun! I  
have a sign in my cubby that says: "Laugh uncontrollably... it clears  
the mind." Hopefully the blog posts this week will provide some of  
those opportunities for you as well.

Thanks for all those who are sending info for me to post. PLEASE check  
out the Prof Dev and Student Opps and many, many Upcoming Events. All  
of these are found on the bottom right side of the front page of the  
blog. And this weeks posts are listed below and can be found at http://meartsed.wordpress.com/

** Busy and Sooooo Many Decisions - Crayola crayons
** Two Opportunities - Graduate classes being offered by The American  
Institute for Creative Education and Lesley University
** Job Opening at MAC - Arts in Education Associate position
** Links to Articles - Several interesting articles that are provided  
to help you in thinking about education
** Art, Science, Math Used by Artist - fascinating solo exhibits over  
a 10 year period
** Paul Faria Retires - MAC Arts and Education Associate
** Today’s Bar Harbor Times-Music Teacher Article
** Bay Chamber Concerts Seeking Students - Great opportunity for  

Paul's last day is Friday, Jan. 29th, so if you want to email him and  
wish him well his email address is paul.faria at maine.gov

Make it a great last week in January 2010,

Argy Nestor
Visual and Performing Arts Specialist
Maine Department of Education
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0023
fax: 207-624-6821
argy.nestor at maine.gov

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