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WOW, what incredible weather we are having! The weekend was so wonderful I just couldn't make myself come inside. I ate my meals on the deck and had a chance to be on the water and work and play in the garden. My post from last night includes a photo I took from my kayak on Saturday. The post also contains a phone call and stop in by my sons. If you'd like to help my younger son get an internship he's applied for please take a minute and go to the link called What a Weekend. 

Today marks the Department's first Celebration of Arts Education! The present art exhibit at the MDOE is from Wiscasset Schools, K-12. Art students and their parents will be recognized and high school music students will perform today at the Blaine House and the Department. I will blog about it in the upcoming week.

Catherine Ring is teaching my Brains on Fire course this weekend in Portland. This 3-credit Endicott College course has been approved by the Department for GT endorsement, 690. The meeting dates are June 10, (Friday 4-8pm), June 11 (Saturday 9-3) and June 30 (Thursday 9-3). Tuition for 3 credits is $950.00. If you are interested don't delay, please contact Catherine at  ms.catherinering at gmail.com and she will provide syllabus and course location information.

Below are the latest blog posts that you can find at http://meartsed.wordpress.com/. Thanks for all the information that has been sent to include. Right now I have 36 drafts so if you've sent something please be patient! Be sure and read the names of our colleagues who are retiring this year and wish them well. I am sure there are others so if you know of any please send their names, schools, discipline and years of service. I will add to the list as I learn more and know their years taught. CONGRATULATIONS colleagues!

* Happy Retirement - Wishing our colleagues the best!
* What a Weekend - What I did on my two days off
* Learning at all Levels - visits and meetings and learnings
* Development of an Open Digital Textbook - RFP announced
* Double Tulips - Have you ever seen a tulip like this?
* Digital Cameras - Art Teacher Lisa Workman borrows the MDOE cameras
* TED Talk - Amit Sood on buliding a musuem of museums
* Bangor Schools Art Exhibit - Show at Bangor Mall

As we wind down the school year I want to THANK YOU for the important work you do each day in arts classrooms! 

Make it a great day,

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Maine Department of Education
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