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Last week hot weather and this week a bit cooler and rainy. Hmmmmm... we just never know about the weather in Maine now do we?! I know you are winding down at school and for many of you it is the last week. If you are at the high school level, most likely graduation has taken place and for many it is bitter sweet! And the same for the middle schoolers moving onto to grade 9. I imagine many of you are busy finishing up work with students, cleaning, packing and on numerous other end of the year tasks. And I bet you some of you are looking forward to catching up on some sleep. I hope the last days of school are FUNNNNNNNNO!

If you were one of the 886 visitors to the blog this week, THANKS for visiting! If you haven't visited lately I hope you have time to catch up on the news soooooooon!

Summer list-serv and blog
During July and August I plan to email you every two weeks instead of once a week. Most likely I will continue to blog every day. If you have a summer email address that you'd like me to use instead of the one you are receiving this email at please let me know argy.nestor at maine.gov. Likewise, if you are retiring, leaving your present position, or changing jobs please let me know so you can continue to receive these emails, if you'd like. 

Summer work
Department of Education employees work year round however, I will be taking some vacation time. My major focus this summer will be the Maine's arts education assessment initiative that I will keep you abreast of on the blog. If you plan on catching up on  reading the blog this summer and want to read about the initiative, type in assessment in the search archive box on the front page of the blog and you can read the many posts about the work. You can also read the wiki with the overview at http://maineartsassessment.pbworks.com. And, check out the time line at http://www.dipity.com/mllama4/Maine-Visual-And-performing-Arts/. If you have questions please email me at argy.nestor at maine.gov
From colleague, art teacher Beth Nowers, York High School. If you can help please email her at enowers at yorkschools.org and cc me please. 
Do you know of any high school in Maine that has developed school-wide rubrics for visual communication skills? It needs to be a rubric that could be used by ALL teaching staff next year (including many with no art background) when they have students work on an assignment with a visual component (drawing, poster, brochure, iMovie project, etc.) And it needs to be measurable. 

I continue to receive GREAT information to post in the blog and due to the volume I have posted on some days more than once. THANK YOU for the content! The latest posts are listed below and can be found at http://meartsed.wordpress.com. There are new job openings posted under "Prof Dev Opps" and many new listings under "Upcoming events" which can be found on the right side of the blog front page.

* National Coalition for Core Arts Standards - Info on the national standards work
* In Today's News - Bob Keyes writes about Tom Block
*  Commissioner's Update - Sign up to receive them automatically
* Shetterly Visits Brewer High School - Social Activism and Art
* Advanced Studies Seminar Offered - NAEP database seminar being offered
* Unified Arts Night at Bucksport Middle School - Leah Olson shares celebration
* Two articles - Using digital cameras with students and NYC schools decline in certified arts teachers
* Congratulations Monica Kantor-Churchill - Music teacher of the year from Falmouth
* Today's Google - In memory of Les Paul
* Celebration of Arts Ed. in Augusta - Blaine House and MDOE recognize students and teachers from Wiscasset arts program
* Bangor Public Library - Bangor High School art exhibit until June 29th
* In Today's News - article about saving an orchestra program

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for the work you do educating students in the ARTS!

Make it a great last part of the school year,

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