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Tue May 3 05:41:05 EDT 2011

It's May and the daffodils are blooming beautifully at my home! I finally had time to spend a couple of hours in the flower bed on Saturday cleaning out and found so many small perennials hiding underneath the old leaves. Before I know it the brilliant red tulips will be reaching for the sunshine. 

Below are the latest blog posts topics which you can read at http://meartsed.wordpress.com. Thank you to all who visited (700 of you) and to those who have sent information to include on the blog. I know Spring concerts and art exhibits are occupying time for many of you lately. If you have photos of your event and can send me a short blurb with a couple of photos I'd be glad to include them in a blog post. 

* Wiscasset Schools MDOE art exhibit - on display until the end of June 
* Ode to the Brain - an interesting approach to learning about the brain
* Skyping - art education class at Montclair State University
* Funding Possibilities - a couple of opportunities

Thank you for the important work you do with students each day in your arts classrooms across the state and throughout the country!

Make it a GREAT May,

Argy Nestor
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