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Happy November! Yes, I was happy about the early snow storm but equally happy to be landing in Phoenix yesterday to a temperature of 91. Did you know that there are as many people in Phoenix as there are in all of Maine?

I am in Phoenix to attend a meeting with my colleagues from 28 other states, the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE) to engage with members of the National Coalition for Core Standards. We will be weighing in on some of the components around the creating the next set of national standards which are slated to be out in draft form in December 2012. One of the agenda items FOR TODAY is whether to include "media arts" as a stand alone or incorporate it into the other 4 arts disciplines. If you'd like to voice your opinion PLEASE do so in the comment section below the blog post on the topic (see below).

A note from Camden Hills High School music teacher Kim Murphy: She is curious to learn if any other schools are doing or have done Webber's Phantom of the Opera? If so, please contact Kim directly at Kim_Murphy at fivetowns.net. It just became available recently through Rodger's and Hammerstein (in conjunction with Webber's Really Useful Group) to high schools and colleges. I understand that drama educator Rick Ash has done an amazing job with his crew (chandelier, elephant, boat, proscenium, stairs, etc.) - and maybe he'll sell the chandelier!

Below are the latest posts since I communicated with you a week ago. Thanks to those of you who send me information to include. I invite all of you to share upcoming information about plays, concerts, exhibits, and other arts related events in your schools. If you are interested in contributing a blog post please email me with your ideas. 

WhoooOoooo HooOOooo - Phoenix - working on the National Core Arts Standards
Experiencing a Standards Based Classroom - Christine Anderson-Morehouse 
Mid-coast Regional Assessment Workshop - arts teachers meet at Jefferson School 
AP Art Studio Teachers Meet - 17 art teachers working with ideas
Phantom of the Opera - Camden Hills Regional High School, Rockport
Media Arts: Stand Alone or Integrated? - should we separate for the national standards work?
Art? Technology? Design? - lessons learned

At the conclusion of my meeting in Phoenix I will be taking a few days vacation so if you contact me during next week please know I will most likely not get back to you until after November 11th. Thanks for being kind to me!

And thank you for the work you are doing across the state for Maine students and arts education! YAHOOOOO for the ARTS!

Make it a great November,

Argy Nestor
Visual and Performing Arts Specialist
Maine Department of Education
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