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The clocks are changed, the leaves are gone and I am surprised the calendar shows we are halfway through November! Today's blog post provides you with the highlights of the National Core Standards meetings in Phoenix that I attended last week and links to resources and information so you can be well informed. I also describe the highlights of my visit to Arizona. 

Inquiring minds want to know:
Music educator Mike Davis emailed me this question and it has come up in conversations lately. So, please help out by sending information to Mike at mdavis at auburnschl.edu and please copy your response to me at argy.nestor at maine.gov. We will compile this information and provide it for all of you to learn from. Mike asks: Do you know of any schools who are using standards-based reporting at the elementary that include the Arts? What I'm looking for are examples of reportcards being used that include an informative standards based reporting system in music and art. In Auburn teachers use a standards based report card BUT music is only labeled as a grade for Performance and one grade for Effort. I add to his question report cards for all grade levels, not just elementary. THANKS in advance for your help.

Latest blog posts:
Below are the latest posts that you can find at http://meartsed.wordpress.com/. Thanks to all who have sent information to be posted along with Upcoming Events, Prof Dev Opps, and Student Opps. You can find them on the right side of the front page of the blog. A new blog has been added as a resource under the Blogroll called "Goober Music Teachers". Check it out and see who is writing about music education on a regular basis. If any of you have blogs that you are keeping with arts education related topics or your student work please send the link and title to me so I can add your links to the Blogroll. Remember: "none of us is as smart as all of us". Sharing arts education resources is helpful to everyone!

National Core Standards and Vacation - Update on the recent work and some time off
Visual Arts and Critical Thinking Skills - How visual arts can build critical thinking skills
MLTI Webinars- Upcoming opportunities
Maine Art Educators Art Exhibit - Deadline Nov. 28th
Who Will be the Next Disney? - Ever wonder about the creativity that Walt Disney had?
20 TED Talks - Specifically for art majors
Arne Duncan Speaks on the Arts - From the ED.gov Blog post called The Arts and Humanities in a Well-Rounded Education

Arts Assessment Initiative Opportunities:
Upcoming regional arts assessment workshops are listed at http://www.maine.gov/education/lres/vpa/assessment.html. Also listed on the same page is the information about the next arts assessment webinar. The last two sessions have been archived and there are meeting plans to accompany them. Thanks to Rob Westerberg and Catherine Ring for facilitating the webinars.

And THANK YOU for the important work you do each day in your arts classrooms for students across the state!

Make it a great day,

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