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Where has all the snow gone?! I found myself reading every section of the Sunday paper, something I usually don't have time to do because I want to get outside and enjoy the snow. While reading the Outdoors section I found an article about a middle school student from Dixmont who is attending the PA Fly Tying Championship next week. One of the flies that Sam Kenney ties is the decorative type of full-dressed Atlantic salmon fly. He started tying when he was 7 years old and is pretty unique for several reasons. He is an artist who is thinking about how to turn the fun he is having into a career. He is thinking about creating a fly reel company and design a fishing reel that is "not just functional but also is a piece of art". Turns out that his mother is an art teacher. So, now I am curious.... perhaps one of you, who is a member of this arts education list-serv, is Sam's mom? If so, or if you know Sam's mom, please email me, I'd like to learn more. 

Visual Art Teachers
NAEA Convention: “Emerging Perspectives/ Connecting Teaching, Learning, and Research” is in NYC March 1-4. FMI please go to http://www.arteducators.org/. Youth Art Month is just around the corner. Members of Maine Art Ed Association can submit a student art work for the annual state exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art. FMI please go to http://www.mainearted.org. Summer scholarships are available for members to attend Haystack, if interested the deadline is fast approaching please contact president Sandy Brennan @ sbrennan at wocsd.org.

Latest blog posts
Below are the latest blog posts since I emailed a week ago. You can access them by clicking http://meartsed.wordpress.com/. There are several posts that have arts education research. I hope you will read these reports and share them with your colleagues and administrators. Good information that supports the importance of arts education. The one highlighted in blue is a post that relates to the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative. Please take advantage of these opportunities afforded through the initiative. 

Professional Development Opportunities in the Arts - webinars and archived webinars, learning opportunities!
Improving Arts Learning through Standards & Assessment - National Endowment for the Arts Research Roundtable
Fruit Street School Artists - Bangor 3rd graders create like the Masters
Wallace Foundation Report - research on arts education 
Local Stories Project - Laura Downey and Gretchen Berg integrated arts program
Doodle for Google - opportunity for submissions to Google
President's Committee on Arts and Humanities - webinar

There are several student and prof dev opps listed on the right side of the front page of the blog. I just added an update on the National Symphony Orchestra summer student music institute. There is a full scholarship opportunity for students. Thank you to those who send me information to share with the list-serv and blog readers. And thank you to those who are making a difference in arts education and students' lives!

Make it a great February,

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