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Another month is coming to a close but not without rain to keep the grass green, thunderstorms to keep me on my toes and take an umbrella with me when I leave in the morning, and sunshine to bring out the best in my flowers and put an extra large smile on my face! My peonies have provided plenty of brilliant pinks, whites, variegated, and magentas. WOWZER, I don't remember a year that they've been this beautiful! I am soooooooooo fortunate!

Literacy and the Arts
If you are interested in being a leader and facilitating conversations on literacy and the arts please read the blog post this past week called Cross Connections Literacy Network. It provides an exciting opportunity for arts education! PLEASE let me know if you are interested by FRIDAY, JUNE 29TH. 

In Memory of Jackie McTigue
Art in the Heart is collecting money that will go towards student scholarships in memory of art teacher Jackie McTigue who died this spring. The collection will send students to either UMaine Museum of Art summer program or Windover Arts camp. Please make your checks out to Art in the Heart and have them postmarked no later than FRIDAY, JUNE 29th and mail to: Kal Elmore, 419 Poplar, Old Town, ME 04468. Thank you!

Below are the latest blog posts since last weeks email. Thanks to everyone who has sent me information! The two in pink are related to the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI). In a couple of weeks the 18 teacher leader stories will be complete. Next year the phase 2 teacher leader stories will be included in the blog. All day today the MAAI Leadership team will be meeting to continue planning for the 4-day summer teacher leader institute. We have 20 new teacher leaders who will be joining the 15 returning teacher leaders from Phase 1. The leadership team is excited about the plans and will keep you posted on the blog and through the list-serv. Phase 2 includes several professional development opportunities for arts education across Maine! YAY for MAAI!

Another Arts Teachers' Story: Jennie Driscoll - Brunswick High School art teacher and Phase 1, MAAI, teacher leader
Final Arts Assessment Webinar of Phase 1 - Commissioner Bowen was the guest with facilitators Catherine Ring and Rob Westerberg. Archived webinars and meeting plans can be accessed at http://www.maine.gov/education/lres/vpa/assessment.html.
Measuring the Therapeutic Benefits of the Arts - studying the brain
Operation Contact - MAC looking for people
ACTEM - become a member and benefit on large scale
Cross Connections Literacy Network- the arts and literacy
Jordan Conwell's Presentation at Bates- read about this student and what he's learned in schools

I will be on vacation next week so there will not be a Tuesday morning email. The blog posts will continue and you can expect the next Tuesday morning email from me on July 10th and continuing every two weeks throughout the summer. Happy 4th of July! I hope you are enjoying the beginning of summer!

Make it a great summer,

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