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I hope you had a restful weekend. We spent time in the yard cleaning up from Sandy, lugging fallen down branches to the burn pile. What started out as a small task turned into several hours. I thought how minor compared to what other Americans to the south of us are going through. I took some time to reflect on how fortunate we are in so many ways; especially on Veterans Day and posted about it today.

Shells for NJ Shores - Teachers and Students Can Help Sandy VIctims
Word came from the NJ Art Teachers Association that art teacher Suzanne Tiedemann from South Brunswick, NJ came up with an idea for kids to offer help to raise funds. If interested please check out Suzanne's blog post by clicking here<http://baart.weebly.com/1/post/2012/11/shells-for-nj-shores-teachers-and-students-can-help-sandy-victims.html> or go directly to the Shells for NJ Shores website<http://shellsfornjshores.weebly.com/>. One story shared is about an art teachers classroom in Belmar, NJ that flooded to the ceiling. The veteran art teacher lost everything from her 30 year career. Check out the site and please consider participating with your students.

Another Students Story
The series will be starting on the meartsed blog soon. Thank you to those who have passed the information on to your former and/or present students. Several wonderful stories have been shared and will be posted on the blog in the near future. Please think about a student whose life has been impacted by the arts. It could be a student that you presently have in middle or high school (or elementary with guidance) or it could be a former student. In fact, it could be your story! This does not have to be a student who has chosen the arts as a main pathway but has been impacted in some way. Please email me argy.nestor at maine.gov<mailto:argy.nestor at maine.gov> for the set of questions.

This weeks latest blog posts are listed below and can be found at http://meartsed.wordpress.com/.

  *   Veterans Day - Honoring my parents
  *   Dancing all the Time - Young dancer from Portland
  *   Engaging Visual Learners - Newark, Ohio school within a school
  *   Dance Program - grade 3 and 4 students dance program created by Jacques D'Ambrose
  *   Maine Media Workshops + College - Interview with President Meg Weston
  *   STEM - STEAM - Info including the National Governor's Association inclusion

I am heading to Ohio to visit my Mother for Thanksgiving so will not be as attentive to your emails during the week of November 19th. If you email me please be patient for a reply.

Thank you for the important work you do each day impacting students lives through arts education! I am sooooooo grateful!

Make it a great day,

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