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The snow is deep and the sun is shining and I am loving this weather!  During the last 48 hours I was without access to email (long story). Not only did I miss sending out the Tuesday morning arts ed list-serv email, but I suddenly had over 100 emails to answer. Here I am at almost midnight with my inbox down to 7 writing this email to all of you. I just paused and gazed out the window to the brightness - snow and full moon, PRETTY PERFECT!

meartsed blog
Below are the most recent blog posts that you can find at http://meartsed.wordpress.com/. So many emails this week with great information - thank you to those who have sent me resources for the blog.

  *   Sweet Tree Arts - Learn about the arts center located in Hope
  *   National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards - The President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities
  *   Troy Howard Middle School Does Australia - Large pieces of art work following up Aboriginal studies
  *   Honoring Sandy Hook Teachers - Letter from a parent to teachers
  *   Aroostook Chorus Festival - In the words of Ed Boynton
  *   No Room for the Extras - Food for thought!
  *   Using Classroom Portfolios to Evaluate Arts Teachers - Archived webinar on the topic
  *   Grand Canyon - Amazing photo of the canyon 'all full up'

A reminder that the photographs are due for students wishing to participate in the 2014-15 Screensaver opportunity. Over the last five years, the MLTI device screen saver featured eighty outstanding student works of art (twenty each year) with close to two thousand pieces of artwork submitted. The deadline to submit artwork for this opportunity is December 20, 2013!
Details are located at http://www.maine.gov/mlti/about/photos.shtml

The Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI) has three more all day Mega-regional workshops scheduled. The next one is on Monday, January 13, UMF, $20. Several workshops are offered along with discussions on technology resources and proficiency based work. Please join us - registration and detailed information is located at http://mainearts.maine.gov/Pages/Education/MAAI-Mega-Regionals#.

Maine Arts Education facebook is located at https://www.facebook.com/MEArtsEducation, Please check it out and let others know about it!

As we wind down the last couple of days before the holiday break I hope that you and your students are enjoying school more than ever! I will continue to blog during the break even though I will be on break with the rest of you.
Hmmmm.... time to shut down this computer for the night and go for a snow shoe with the light of the moon and say "Goodnight Moon"!

Make it a great last couple of days before the holiday break,

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