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As you might remember Maine participated in the preliminary draft release of the National Core Arts Standards document in April with 10 visual and performing arts specialists submitting individual feedback as well as contributing to a state report. On June 30 the PreK-8 draft was released for public comment and I invite you to provide your feedback between now and July 15. The information and the directions for providing feedback is included below.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to join the Maine Arts Education community in providing your feedback. If you have any questions please contact me at argy.nestor at maine.gov<mailto:argy.nestor at maine.gov>. If you'd like to keep abreast of arts education topics please follow the Maine Arts Education blog at http://meartsed.wordpress.com<http://meartsed.wordpress.com/>.

I suggest that you forward this email to your administrators, colleagues, community members, and students where appropriate so they can contribute to the creation of the National Core Arts Standards as well.

Yours in Arts Education,
Argy Nestor
Visual and Performing Arts Specialist
Maine Department of Education


June 26, 2013

Contact: Cory Wilkerson
Coryw2.0 at gmail.com<mailto:Coryw2.0 at gmail.com>

NCCAS launches public review of PreK-8 draft arts standards June 30

The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) will release PreK-8 draft standards for an online public review June 30 through July 15. A preliminary invitational review of the draft eighth-grade standards was completed in April. Almost 500 respondents, consisting of groups selected by the NCCAS leadership organizations, as well as state teams of educators, teaching artists, and community arts providers reviewed the work created by discipline writing teams in dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts.

Anyone with an interest is welcome to participate in the public review of one or more of the discipline grade-band drafts in dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts. Please visit the NCCAS website at http://nccas.wikispaces.com/NCCAS+June+30th+Public+Review<http://www.mmsend1.com/link.cfm?r=733802073&sid=25449271&m=2748154&u=ETA_&j=14362657&s=http://nccas.wikispaces.com/NCCAS+June+30th+Public+Review> for detailed instructions.

NCCAS is the coalition of national arts and education organizations and media arts representatives that are developing the 2014 National Core Arts Standards. The new, voluntary grade-by-grade web-based standards are intended to affirm the place of arts education in a balanced core curriculum, support the 21st-century needs of students and teachers, and help ensure that all students are college and career ready. The arts standards emphasize “big ideas,” philosophical foundations, enduring understandings/essential questions, and anchor/performance standards, all of which are intended to guide the curriculum development and instructional practices that leads to arts literacy for all students.

The NCCAS standards writing teams are currently working on drafts of the high school (9-12) standards; an invitational review of the high school work will occur in September. A public review of the comprehensive draft PreK-12 standards, including model cornerstone assessments, will begin in January, 2014. The current project timeline includes a release date of March, 2014, for the complete and finished standards.

For the most current information about the project, visit http://nccas.wikispaces.com<http://www.mmsend1.com/link.cfm?r=733802073&sid=25449272&m=2748154&u=ETA_&j=14362657&s=http://nccas.wikispaces.com>, or the NCCAS Facebook page at www.facebook.com/NationalCoalitionForCoreArtsStandards<http://www.mmsend1.com/link.cfm?r=733802073&sid=25449273&m=2748154&u=ETA_&j=14362657&s=http://www.facebook.com/NationalCoalitionForCoreArtsStandards>.


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