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Happy March and Arts Education Month! Catherine Ring, Bronwyn Sale, and I are leaving tomorrow (Wednesday) to fly to Texas for the National Art Education Association conference being held in Fort Worth. We will be presenting the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative work that many of you have contributed to and benefited. And even though the weather looks like it might be cloudy, the temperature looks like it might reach 70 degrees one day while we are there. I will be ready to come back to another month of snow after a few days of warm air! We will do our best to make the Maine ARTS education community proud and will try and keep you informed by blogging http://meartsed.wordpress.com/ while we are there (if I can get online).

March brings the smell of Spring in the air. We've jumped right in to this Arts Education month with a Mega-regional workshop on Friday, March 1 at USM. It was a successful event which you can read about in Saturday's blog post. The most recent posts are located at http://meartsed.wordpress.com/.

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Other info:
Two more Mega-regional workshops are coming up in March. On the 22 at the Easton Schools in Aroostook county and on the 29 at Ellsworth High School in Ellsworth. The workshops are FREE however, you do need to register at http://www.maine.gov/education/lres/vpa/assessment.html so we can save a space for you. 5.5 contact hours are awarded for the full day of participation.

If you want 100 coffee scoops, 100 taper candles, and cookie tins of various sizes, please email me at argy.nestor at maine.gov<mailto:argy.nestor at maine.gov> and I can put you in touch with someone that is giving the above items away!

Visitors to the meartsed blog this week: 1150! The Maine ARTS ed list-serv is at 1197.

THANK YOU for the important role you play in ARTS education!

Make it a great ARTS Education Month,

Argy Nestor
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Learn about the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative at http://maineartsassessment.pbworks.com
Register for the Mega-regional workshops at
http://www.maine.gov/education/lres/vpa/assessment.html <http://www.maine.gov/education/lres/vpa/assessment.html%20>

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