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Art Folks,

This week's topic is about a four letter word which tends to comes up in faculty meetings each year, data. As school begins you may be asked to research and provide data or studies on arts education or how the arts connects to other topics such as, student attendance or SAT scores. To get out in front of such a request, here is a list of resources that may provide information to many data questions.

Disclaimer: The purpose of the links below is to provide data resources. There is no intention to show how the arts support other content areas.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress is a nationally representative sample of 7,900 eighth-grade students from 260 public and private schools participated in the 2008 NAEP assessment in arts. Approximately one-half of the students were assessed in music, and the other half were assessed in visual arts. Analysis of the results are attached. Sample questions are on the website.

National Arts Education Data Project seeks to analyze, report and disseminate school level data on the status and condition of arts education in every state.

Arts at the Core: College Board. Many resources under Our Progress.

Arts Ed Search holds many studies on outcomes for students, teachers, the school day and out of school.

Correlation studies and articles on SAT achievement of students who take arts courses.

Correlation graph

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