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I am wondering why so many art educators and administrators want to opt of mailing list for such an important subject that will impact us all?
Frank Chin, RSU/MSAD 54, Skowhegan, ME

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Good Morning Art Folks,

>From the conversations I've had, many of you have been wondering about the adoption process or use of the new arts standards. Hopefully, the points below will add clarity to your questions.
The new NCCAS<http://www.nationalartsstandards.org/> standards present an exciting approach to arts teaching and learning.
As teachers and schools plan for future instructional goals, they should keep the following in mind:

1.      The Maine Learning Results<http://www.maine.gov/doe/arts/standards/index.html> (MLR's) are still in effect as state standards
2.      Graduates to 2018 will need to demonstrate proficiency to MLR standards

The rulemaking process to adopt new standards requires public hearings and a vote of the Legislature.  At this present time, the timeline to start any rulemaking to adopt new visual and performing arts standards is unknown.

3.       As you know, curriculum including textbooks, lessons, teaching methods - is entirely controlled at the local level. Teachers can use the NCCAS standards locally to enhance/augment current instructional strategies related to MLR's

Districts and teachers are advised to move ahead cautiously on a full commitment to new standards before rulemaking has been finalized.

DOE Exhibits - All dates are taken. Thank you for the swift response to the request.

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Have a Great, relaxing and creative summer. See you at the Summit of Arts Education. If you need to register click here<http://mainearts.maine.gov/Pages/Education/NESummit>

Kevin Facer
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Downeast Regional Representative
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