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Welcome to the Maine Department of Education Visual and Performing Arts Weekly Newsletter!
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Greetings! I hope this finds each of you enjoying a restful and rejuvenating summer!  It's truly a pleasure to reach out for the first time as your new Visual and Performing Arts Specialist with the Maine DOE.  I am excited and honored to support the hard work and incredible artistic experiences that each of you are providing to students in every corner of our state.  I invite you to reach out at any time with questions, concerns, updates, or even just a "hello."  Please know how valued and appreciated you are; I look forward to working together to keep arts education in Maine thriving!
Music Matters 2018: This updated resource<https://www.ecs.org/music-matters/> explores the demonstrated effects of music education and how it helps students develop the foundational capacities for lifelong success.
Through Shakespeare in Maine Communities: Theater at Monmouth has provided literature-based education tours in schools and community centers since 2005. For 2018, they'll present King Lear (for grades 5-12) to deepen understanding of, appreciation for, and connection to classic literature. King Lear will tour to schools and community centers across the state from October 8-28 with student matinee and public performances in Cumston Hall October 12 through 15. For more information or to download reservation forms, visit www.theateratmonmouth.org/education-tours<http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=&msgid=0&act=111111&c=1057170&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.theateratmonmouth.org%2Feducation-tours>.
SAVE THE DATE:           .
Spirit Series Summer Institute: Drama-based values and literacy initiative, SPIRIT SERIES delivers rigorous academic intervention and character education during regular school hours, in grades four through eight, with inspiring one-act historical biographies that students study, co-write, stage, and perform. August 16th and 17th. More information coming soon!
            MSAD 60: Noble middle school, in Berwick is looking for a full-time band teacher for grades 6/7 with jazz band.
Lewiston High School: is seeking a K-12 certified Visual Arts Teacher with expertise or experience in Digital Media: Animation, photo and video editing (Photoshop and Final Cut Pro), graphic design, etc.to<http://etc.to> expand an already varied arts program with technology. The visual arts program currently offers courses in Drawing and Painting, Ceramics, Black & White Photography and Topics in Art and views Digital Media as the direction in which we would like to meaningfully expand our offerings. Lewiston High School embraces diversity in its vision for the future. http://www.lewistonpublicschools.org/human-resources/job-openings
St Dominic Academy: is looking for a full time art teacher grades 6-12. Classes to include: studio, pottery, honors, AP and yearbook. Interested parties should contact Donald Fournier at Donald.fournier at portlanddiocese.org<mailto:Donald.fournier at portlanddiocese.org> with resume, cover letter and references
RSU 2: Hale-Dale Elementary School seeking long-term art teacher sub for 2018-2019 school year. FMI: http://www.kidsrsu.org/o/district/page/employment--131
           Houlton: K-5 music position. Apply on serving schools.
           MSAD 1, Presque Isle: High School Band Director/ Instrumental Music Teacher. Apply at www.msad1.org<http://www.msad1.org>.
Belfast Area High School: Full-time certified Arts Educator starting in August 2018. Possible courses include: Art Foundations, Crafts, Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography (analog and digital), Illustration, Graphic Design, and Portfolio. Applications available on the RSU#71 website: www.rsu71.org<http://www.rsu71.org>
Belfast Area High School and Troy Howard Middle School: Full-time certified choral music educator, grades 6-12, starting in August 2018.  Applications available on the RSU71 website: www.rsu71.org<http://www.rsu71.org>
           Oxford Hills: 2 Elementary Art Positions available. FMI: https://sad17.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx
MSAD #37 Harrington/Addison/Milbridge - 2 MUSIC POSITIONS OPEN - https://servingschools.com/job/adzn5s/music-teacher/harrington/me
AOS #96 - Machias/E.Machias MUSIC POSITION - https://servingschools.com/job/uq92rs/full-time-music-teacher/machias/me
AR Girls Project Coordinator/Art Educator: Waterfall Arts seeks an immediate part-time Arts Educator to join its creative staff and run their new AR Girls program, aiming to open new pathways and connections for creative teens in the community. The AR Girls is a partnership between the Maine Math and Science Alliance (MMSA) and Waterfall Arts, funded by the National Science Foundation.  The project is intended to support teen girls to develop new communication skills related to science and technology-infused communication tools (i.e. augmented reality software) through a holistic support system tapping their inherent creativity and interest in art. This position will work with a team of educators and collaborators at Waterfall Arts, MMSA, and its partners to design and implement the AR Girls program. After a training period this first summer, this person will be responsible for Waterfall Art's AR Girls project management, planning, outreach and evaluation. FMI<http://waterfallarts.org/job-opportunities-internships/>.
Biddeford, Middle School: Art teacher position, full time. FMI.<https://biddefordschools.me/current-vacancies/>
            Maine Academy of Modern Music: is looking for a registrar. You can find our job description online here<https://nonprofitmaine.ps.membersuite.com/careercenter/ViewJobPosting.aspx?contextID=1d38e817-00d3-c16d-0145-0b3dd4857478>.
            MSAD 17: Guy Rowe School, full time, K-6 general music position open immediately. FMI<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001lSFwtMIOIpQlg82kwmhe__Djkwlv4YMOiI-DjI1eN8cFH25s4jzyquinPsTvWoPXWWLhrLayGKDF3OL5JFb9QvSmjlqyefP5Jsti4IPDwmNkyIKPf93hP84R4D9hzKU90DkFl9DAnLNCsuXVT7jxRciQuldCWdaXLnvlQIP_Z4jK8oABMJyuhA==&c=5hnQIk_bjBTUsPDshOfXvJAGM8l-FQISsBWdxxUvbNq68YsQIgmVWg==&ch=oixRRprYALqSvzOEowyvGBJsABP9LKdxDNRXZrH1VJwqbbuy_u8JNg==>.
Art Position available: 3/5 art position for Athens Community School and Harmony Elementary.
York School Department: Coastal Ridge Elementary School, Visual Art. FMI.
MDIRSS: Conners Emerson School; Bar Harbor; Instrumental Music -- 83% time. FMI<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kPVTJPivE_luMgd1pemv9JG7NvbmhKL4-plIs0M6fSw/edit>.

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