[erate-maine] E-rate for telephone - time to file the Form 470

McKenney, Janet Janet.McKenney at maine.gov
Tue Nov 18 09:32:48 EST 2008

Form 470 - First E-rate Form for July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010 
Even though USAC has not released the eligible services list and there
is no deadline for the Form 471, I would encourage libraries (and
schools) that do E-rate for telephone service to file their Form 470
this month.
Create your Form 470 online at:

Wording you can use
Local phone service
Long distance service
Local and Long distance phone service
Cell phone service
(POTS just means local service and does not include long distance)

Remember to keep track of all bids received.
You must compare all bids and use price as the primary factor to choose
a phone vendor.
If you do not get any bids document that fact in an email to yourself
and keep a copy of that in your E-rate file.  If you have a question as
to whether an email you receive constitutes a "real" bid, please forward
it to Janet (libraries) or Sylvia (schools) so we can help you make that

The Form 470 must submitted and be on file at the USAC website for at
least 28 days before you can fill out the next form (Form 471).  I will
post the deadline for the Form 471 once it has been announced. Please
pay attention to deadlines!

Janet McKenney
Maine State Library
Coordinator of Learning and Technology Services
64 State House Station
Augusta, ME  04333-0064
janet.mckenney at maine.gov

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