[erate-maine] Schools: new BENs for RSU and AOS

Norton, Sylvia K Sylvia.K.Norton at maine.gov
Tue Dec 1 16:33:44 EST 2009

The USAC Schools and Libraries Division has created new Billed Entity
Numbers (BEN) for the RSU and AOS entities resulting from the recent
reorganization of school administrative units in Maine.  It is my
understanding that new names and numbers were created for RSUs which
formed new units while those RSUs which are a reformulated SAD rather
than a new unit (sometimes referred to as RSU #/SAD # or some variation
using the SAD) retained the same number but in the SLD database the name
has changed to RSU #.   All AOS units should have new names and numbers.
The unchanged municipalities, CSDs and unions should have retained the
exact same name and BEN.   


I have only searched for a few of them, but I recommend that you use the
zip code from your central office in the box on the entity search
webpage.  You should be able to find your school administrative unit
name and number by using the search tool for Billed Entity Numbers at


Thanks for your patience on this issue; I know all too well that it was
a frustrating wait while this was being resolved.  Please contact me if
you are unable to find the information you need or if there are any
other questions.





Sylvia K. Norton

School Library/Technology Planning Coordinator

State E-rate Coordinator

Maine Dept. of Education

23 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333



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