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Norton, Sylvia K Sylvia.K.Norton at maine.gov
Mon Jan 12 10:30:52 EST 2009

I am prompted to send a reminder of the guidance I have been giving over
the last year as I recently talked to a technology coordinator who had
applied to USAC for a new entity number for the RSU they will be as of
July 2009 and then used it to file a Form 470 for phones. It is easy to
be confused as an inquiry to Client Services Bureau at USAC recommended
a new number for a new school district.  I have reconfirmed with Linda
Schatz, the E-rate consultant moving this issue through USAC and the
FFC, that the CSB guidance was incorrect for Maine schools.


Do NOT apply for a new entity number under your new RSU.  New entity
numbers for RSUs will be done on a statewide basis.  (Note: The one
exception to this is RSU1 which was established last July.) 


IF you have filed a Form 470 as the RSU you will be in July, make sure
you file as you are currently organized under your existing entity
number.  (Remember, January 15th is the deadline for the Form 470.)


The Client Services Bureau has now been alerted that any requests for
new entity numbers in Maine should be referred.  Contact me if you have
a new school entity (beyond the RSU issue) that still needs to be
established with a new number this year. 



Sylvia K. Norton

School Library/Technology Planning Coordinator

State E-rate Coordinator

Maine Dept. of Education/Maine State Library

64 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333




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