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Norton, Sylvia K Sylvia.K.Norton at maine.gov
Mon Mar 9 17:06:39 EDT 2009

I have been notified by the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) that a
number of Maine E-rate applications for 45mbps ATM service from
Fairpoint made the common error of stating a contract award date of
02/06/2009 instead of 02/10/2006.  The 02/06/2009 date represents only
an extension of service originally agreed to on 02/10/2006, under the
2006 Form 470 # 529970000566795.  Please check your application to see
if it is correct.   (Note: The correct template for this application can
be found at http://www.maine.gov/msl/erate/atm/)


If you are one of the applicants who made this error, you will need to
modify the contract award date to the date that originally established
the service, 02/10/2006. You can do this through the RAL or Receipt
Acknowledgement Letter sent in response to your filed Form 471.  


The RAL process provides applicants with an opportunity to review and
sometimes correct errors made in original Form 471 applications. The SLD
News Brief of March 6, 2009

discusses the RAL correction process including these tips:


*	Compare the data in your RAL and in the Form 471 display with
the data in your file copy of the Form 471 to make sure all entries are
*	If all the information is correct, do not submit a RAL
*	If you submit a RAL correction, make sure you supply all
necessary information.
*	Remember that not all errors can be corrected using the RAL
correction process.
*	Submit your RAL corrections as soon as possible.
*	Always include a signed copy of page 3 of your RAL, even if you
are printing out and including other pages with corrections.
*	Check to make sure you have supplied current contact
*	Be prepared to answer questions about your requested



Sylvia K. Norton

School Library/Technology Planning Coordinator

State E-rate Coordinator

Maine Dept. of Education/Maine State Library

64 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333




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