[erate-maine] E-rate for PUBLIC LIBRARIES: Item 21 attachment / impact stories?

Leadbetter, Jared Jared.Leadbetter at maine.gov
Thu Mar 7 13:03:43 EST 2013

Good afternoon, all,

Thanks to all who were very responsive to my email earlier this week! I should clarify: "my" emails are predominantly for libraries receiving telephone service reimbursement, not for libraries participating in MSLN. Reminders for MSLN participation and the E-rate Form 479 will come from Networkmaine, and will be in late December / early January.

Secondly, for any public library that isn't 100% certain about having submitted their Item 21 attachment along with their Form 471, please use this link to confirm your Item 21 submission:


Finally, and this applies both to libraries receiving telephone reimbursement and libraries receiving their internet access from MSLN: I have been contacted by the ALA, seeking impact stories from libraries about E-rate. These impact stories will be used to communicate to our federal legislators the importance of E-rate. If you feel that your community has come to rely upon your Internet connection, please share with me a story that reflects this best.

Thanks in advance,

-Jared Leadbetter
E-rate and Technology Consultant
Maine State Library
jared.leadbetter at maine.gov<mailto:jared.leadbetter at maine.gov>

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