[erate-maine] E-RATE for PUBLIC LIBRARIES: That Wacky EPC

Leadbetter, Jared Jared.Leadbetter at maine.gov
Mon Jan 11 09:48:41 EST 2016

[DISCLAIMER] If you are a representative of a public library that is engaged in, or interested in engaging in, the federal E-rate program, you are my peeps and should continue to read. Otherwise, let your mouse pointer drift inexorably to the tantalizing and slightly cathartic "Delete" button.

Remember back when I said something like this? :

The EPC (E-rate Productivity Center)! There have been emails sent about this to just about everyone. Unless you are in dire need of jumping into FY 2016 applications, DON’T WORRY ABOUT THIS YET. There are still some hiccups being ironed out.

You are at this very moment being duly informed that the significant EPC hiccough has been resolved in a way that should permit you to activate your EPC account without the pain and heartache that had been occurring until now. In short, the EPC has been tamed.

I will further encourage you to visit the training website for the new EPC:

Further questions can be extended in my vague direction.

-Jared Leadbetter
E-rate and Technology Consultant
Maine State Library
jared.leadbetter at maine.gov<mailto:jared.leadbetter at maine.gov>

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