[erate-maine] E-rate for PUBLIC LIBRARIES: Form 486 and 472 reminder

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Tue Jul 25 14:12:15 EDT 2017

Lovely day, isn't it? Hope you get a chance to be outside for it! Mom's wonderful, thanks for asking, her golf game couldn't be better.

By the by, I've been meaning to ask: are you representative of a Maine public library engaged in the E-rate application process for either FY 2016 or FY 2017? No? My mistake. Well, see you around!

(If you really ARE part of the FY 2016 or FY 2017 process, keep reading. Shhh.)

August 1st is all of a week away, and with it, a couple of forms might need completing.

For FY 2016-ers, you'll need to actually ask for your money (yay)! This is done by completing the Form 472:


Also, if your library didn't complete a Form 498 last year, you'll need to do one this year:


For FY 2017-ers, Form 486 is where it's at. Sign in to your EPC and square that away on August 1st or after:


Training video for Form 486: http://www.usac.org/sl/about/outreach/videos/FCC-Form-486-How-to-File.aspx

The deadlines for these forms aren't until late October, but c'mon, you've got a few minutes sometime in or around August 1st, right? Just get them done early and you'll have nothing to worry about.

Questions and comments, send to me. Cookies? Why, thank you.

-Jared Leadbetter
E-rate and Technology Consultant
Maine State Library
jared.leadbetter at maine.gov<mailto:jared.leadbetter at maine.gov>

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