[erate-maine] E-rate for PUBLIC LIBRARIES: Form 471 for FY 2017 -- May 11th deadline

Leadbetter, Jared Jared.Leadbetter at maine.gov
Fri May 5 15:22:57 EDT 2017

A fine and festive Friday / Cinco de Mayo / Revenge of the Fifth to all,

Because it merits repeating: for those of you who are not representatives of public libraries and / or engaged in the E-rate process on behalf of your public library, it's waaaay too late in the work-week for this. You don't need to read yet another email from THAT GUY, I mean, really. Plus, clicking delete just feels so good, amirite? Do it. DOOO EEEET. And thank you.


Still here? Then you know (and care) what I'm typing about. Because IF you have filed the Form 470 AND you have waited the required 28 days before filing the Form 471 BUT HAVE NOT YET filed it, then soon's the time. Meaning, May 11th at the latest. (But you still have to wait 28 days, you deadline-driven people.)

I promise you, do not come to me next Friday and ask, "Can I still file?" For my own sympathies, while genuine, carry no currency with the Sovereigns of E-rate. Thursday the 11th of May, 11:59 PM (according to THEIR server) is the VERY last minute.

But I recommend filing it earlier if possible. And then bake some cookies. Because you deserve them.

-Jared Leadbetter
E-rate and Technology Consultant
Maine State Library
jared.leadbetter at maine.gov<mailto:jared.leadbetter at maine.gov>

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