[Libworld] Features I'd like to see.....

Library Director alflib at roadrunner.com
Sat Oct 16 14:48:20 EDT 2010

I have suggested these to LW but have't seen any results. Feedback from the list would be appreciated.

1) Give us the ability to search the "Hold" and "Reserve" modules by patron name, not just barcode, as we can in "Check Out". Also, search by title in those modules instead of having to look up a title in the cataloging module or OPAC in order to get the barcode.

2) Put a block on renewals of reserved items, maybe a pop-up window that could be overridden with a password. "This item may not be renewed, it is reserved for ...."

3) Carry over a patron from "Check-in" to "Check-out" by clicking the "Check-out" tab. Now you can type the patron's number in and it will go to "Check-out", just clicking the tab would be a little easier.

4) Place reserves and holds on individual copies, not just the record. This would make it possible to reserve magazines. We treat them as multiple copies in the regular book database. If we try to reserve one we just get a message "Other copies are available".

5) Break down circulation activity report by material type.

If any of you agree that these would be helpful features please let LW know. If enough of us ask, maybe some changes will be made. Overall I am very pleased with LW. It gives good service at a reasonable price and the tech support staff are quick to respond to problems.

Gus Hedden
Parsons Memorial Library
PO Box 1065
Alfred, ME. 04002

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