[Libworld] Libworld Digest, Vol 1, Issue 4

Tina Branco tbranco at hughes.net
Sun Oct 17 12:28:52 EDT 2010

We've been using LW for over 2 years now and I definitely agree with the
need to break down circ by material type and also by collection type==just
wait til you try to do the annual report and have to figure out how many
children vs adult materials. and I have asked LW for this.  I pointed out to
them that the annual report we do is a federal report and since they are
selling this product nationwide you'd think they'd want to make the
reporting menu user-friendly to people who have to file the report.  I got
the standard "we'll put it on our development list" reply.


We have been able to block patrons who owe too much money by creating a
patron type "Blocked" and setting the circulation policy for that patron
type to zero.


I really look forward to this continued sharing of ideas by more users of
the software.  We are extremely pleased at the bang we get for the buck.



Tina Branco

Acting Director

So Thomaston Public Library,

tbranco at hughes.net





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2) Put a block on renewals of reserved items, maybe a pop-up window that
could be overridden with a password. "This item may not be renewed, it is
reserved for ...."


I'd also like to see a way to block patrons who borrow items and never
return them or pay compensation.


5) Break down circulation activity report by material type.



Overall I am very pleased with LW. It gives good service at a reasonable
price and the tech support staff are quick to respond to problems.

I agree.


Barb Rehmeyer

Liberty Library


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