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Zurinski, Stephanie Stephanie.Zurinski at maine.gov
Thu Mar 3 08:47:44 EST 2011

There really is no need to continue the shelf list once you become fully
automated.  It really is an issue of the time and resources (space and
money) it takes to maintain the shelf list as a 'backup' system.  


> For those of you who are well into the project of scanning your  
> collections, and have had a chance to live with it for a bit, we  
> have a question.  What are your feelings about continuing with shelf  
> list cards?  When we started, it just felt "safer" to continue to at  
> least have a shelf list card for each new purchase, "just in case".   
> At the training we attended last summer, it sounded like some of the  
> other libraries were planning to do likewise.
> How many of you are indeed still making/ordering shelf list cards  
> (or even still complete sets) for new items in your collection, even  
> though you are scanning them in?  Is it time to let this go?  what  
> are your reasons for continuing with it, if you are?
> Thanks so much in advance,
> Mary Anne Libby, Lib. Asst.
> Dr. Shaw Memorial Library
> Mt. Vernon, ME

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