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Mon Mar 7 08:37:18 EST 2011

Good morning,

I need to decide soon how to handle borrowers' cards! I first thought  
we would use a rolodex as many patrons drop in on a whim on their  
morning walk and may not have their cards. On the other hand, it seems  
to be easy enough to look up a patron by name, so no card would not be  
a problem. Right now I am looking at Gaylord card stock ID cards (cat.  
# MA-C13) and ID card sleeves, an investment of $132.

I would like to hear what you decided to do, and how it is working for  
you. - Any other suggestions for painlessly making the switch-over?  
The circulation desk in Waterford is staffed by volunteers, some  
regular, some come only once a month, and I am not necessarily in the  
library when it is open, so training needs to be simple and easy. Some  
volunteers are still intimidated by the computer. - The do seem to  
like the catalog though! (The paper catalog was divided between scrap  
cards and the dump last week, a little prematurely, but we are  
renovating, and it was a good time to move the catalog out of the  

Dorthe Hillquist
Waterford Library

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