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Tina Branco tbranco at hughes.net
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The question of cards is actually a question of how do you keep track of
your patrons.  Here at So Thomaston,(also an all volunteer library) we used
to have a rolodex, but re-registered everyone when we automated.  We had a
5x8 card printed up (two sided) with the basic information about
name/address/etc etc on the front, a place for them to indicate if they
wanted an email reminder of books due, and a place for their signature.  On
the back of the card is our internet security policy which they must sign to
use the computers.  There is also a place for parents to indicate (on a
child's card) whether children under the age of 18 are allowed to use the
library's internet w/o the parent being in the library. 

We put the barcode sticker for the patron on the top of the card, and file
them in a small file box kept at the circ desk.  Most of our volunteers will
simply look up the patron by name in the computer when checking out the
books, but they do have a the option of scanning the card and putting it
back in the box.

We originally didn't give out individual cards because nobody needed them,
but now with Overdrive, where the patron must login with a registered card
number, we needed individual cards.  We have gone with printing our own on
Avery business card stock, we put the library card number on the card except
for the last 4 digits which we handwrite in as we give the patron their
card. The card also has the overdrive website, the library website, and
library email and phone. They've been well received by the patrons and the
volunteers.  I print the cards up 10-20 at a time, and the blanks are kept
at the circ desk.

Tina Branco
Acting Director
South Thomaston Public Library
tbranco at hughes.net

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Good morning,

I need to decide soon how to handle borrowers' cards! I first thought  
we would use a rolodex as many patrons drop in on a whim on their  
morning walk and may not have their cards. On the other hand, it seems  
to be easy enough to look up a patron by name, so no card would not be  
a problem. Right now I am looking at Gaylord card stock ID cards (cat.  
# MA-C13) and ID card sleeves, an investment of $132.

I would like to hear what you decided to do, and how it is working for  
you. - Any other suggestions for painlessly making the switch-over?  
The circulation desk in Waterford is staffed by volunteers, some  
regular, some come only once a month, and I am not necessarily in the  
library when it is open, so training needs to be simple and easy. Some  
volunteers are still intimidated by the computer. - The do seem to  
like the catalog though! (The paper catalog was divided between scrap  
cards and the dump last week, a little prematurely, but we are  
renovating, and it was a good time to move the catalog out of the  

Dorthe Hillquist
Waterford Library

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