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Tina Branco tbranco at hughes.net
Thu Mar 10 17:43:03 EST 2011

Hello fellow lib world users.


We here at South Thomaston Public Library are having a 'discussion' about
standardizing our holdings records in LW.  We unfortunately did not
recognize the importance of everyone working from the same musical score and
we find we now have a rather discordant opus to try to clean up.


Specifically, we are dealing with three fields in the holdings records:
Collection, location and call numbers.


We have pretty good agreement on what constitutes a call number, but when it
comes to the definition of a collection and the definition of location,
there is a serious fissure taking place amongst us.


On page 13 of the LW manual which Stephanie and Valerie so graciously
provided we see


"Use LOCATION for Adult, Juvenile and Young Adult and use COLLECTION for
genre (Maine, Mystery, Romance, etc.)"


Pg 24 lists examples of "Collections" 


Our folks are of the mindset that these definitions are reversed, and want
to make the Collections ADULT< JUV<YA, and the location as the genre.  I'm
having a real teeth pulling exercise here, and want to settle this by saying
that we should all be doing it the same way so that down the long long long
road when these catalogs might be combined into one big one, I don't want to
have to go back and re-do 6-7000 records just to get SoThom in line with the
rest of the world.  I'm all for small town independence, but when we're
spending this much time and effort to cleanup our awfully disparate records
from now until the end of 2011 (it will take that long I'm sure) I really
don't want to be faced with a re-do down the road.


Could you all tell me 


1.       Are you using the LW Manual guidelines on pg 13 and 24?

2.       If not, what are you using in the Location and Collection field


You can reply off list and I'm compile if anyone else wants the info.


Thanks for your help.


Tina Branco

Acting Director

So Thomaston PL 

tbranco at hughes.net





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