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Sorry Barbara,  I'm not sure why my brain said "Pauline"!!!  It must be time
for coffee..  


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It was fairly easy to clean up Location and Patron Type by searching for
those erroneous records. I am finding that Type is not so easy. I have a few
records with no Type name. I am sure they are records that I copied from
other catalogs. I have been trying to locate those records with an "aa" or
an "ac" in the type field. Anyone have any tricks? If there was a "Type
Name" I could narrow down the search "in record type" but am unable to do
that without a type name. 

Not sure this is making any sense and it's only 9 records so not sure it is
worth the time to figure it out. I do like things tidy though.

Barb Rehmeyer
Liberty Library

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  1. AutomateMe and LibraryWorld participants (Valerie Osborne)


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Greetings folks,

Most of you have completed putting your collection into LibraryWorld.
Many of you are already using the circulation component.  We hope that
you are enjoying it!  Congratulations on completing such a huge project.

One of the things that Stephanie and I have noticed as we look at your
records is that there are many inconsistencies in the location and
material type fields.  In fact, one library has put fiction in 7
different ways.  We tried to emphasize at the start of this project that
consistency was critical or the reports you are able to get from the
system will be inaccurate.   Several of you have collections that are
worth trillions of dollars.  Wouldn't that be exciting, but the reality
is that for a couple of records, the barcode number was put in the price
field-thus the very pricey collection!  These things need to be
corrected. Catalog maintenance is an ongoing project.

If you want to see what your collection looks like, click on reports,
scroll all the way to the bottom of the list to "Other Reports" then
select "Library Status Report".  This report will show you the
inconsistencies in input for location, material type and patron types.

Cleaning up your catalog is really very important.  Someday we hope to
have one Maine catalog. When that time comes it would be great to just
load your records into the larger catalog, but in order to do that you
must have clean records.  It's really understandable how this
happened-many volunteers helping to input the materials as quickly as
they could without understanding how important consistency is in the
location/collection information.  That happens whenever you have
multiple people working on a project.  Just go through record by record
and make the corrections.  You will be glad in the end that you did!

Every library that automates, regardless of its size,  has to go thru
the process of cleaning up the records.  If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact either Stephanie or myself to answer any and
all questions.  We will be happy to hold meetings in each of the
districts so we can talk about how you can fix this.  We would like to
do this sometime in March or early April.

Valerie  Osborne, Consultant
Stephanie Zurinski

Northeastern Maine Library District
Central Maine Library District

Bangor Public Library
Stephanie.Zurinski at maine.gov <mailto:Stephanie.Zurinski at maine.gov>

145 Harlow Street

Bangor, Maine 04401

947-8336 ext <tel:947-8336%20ext> . 114

1-800- 427-8336 ext. 114 <tel:1-800-%20427-8336%20ext.%20114> 

Valerie.Osborne at bpl.lib.me.us <mailto:Valerie.Osborne at bpl.lib.me.us>

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