[Libworld] LibraryWorld user manual

Zurinski, Stephanie Stephanie.Zurinski at maine.gov
Wed Feb 22 12:15:04 EST 2012

We've updated the user manual that was created for the AutomateME
project in 2010 and corrected the errors in it for the use of the
Location and Collection fields.  It is posted on the MSL website on the
Automation page at
http://www.maine.gov/msl/libs/tech/automation/index.shtml .  It's under
Resources about halfway down the page.  We didn't change the screen
shots so they are all still the 'old' look.  You can toggle back to the
old look if  you need to.  All the principles are the still the same.


We're thinking of convening  user group meetings (at least one in each
district)  in late April/early May so that LibraryWorld users can come
together to talk about the system.  Please let either Valerie or
Stephanie know if you are interested in attending such a meeting and if
you'd be willing to host it.  


Stephanie and Valerie


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