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Vicki....you are SO SO SO right about the manual entry causing a world of
problems.  You'd think that allowing us to configure the field as a
drop-down if that's what we needed would be a great enhancement.  If you
have your browser settings set to auto fill, as long as you get the first
entry correct, then train people who enter the data to always choose the
entry from those that "pop-up" when you start filling, it should work.  It's
when people don't pay attention that it really sucks (pardon my French.)
And the fact that it is case sensitive also causes problems.  


I keep meaning to send a message to LW help people to fix this, but just
haven't had the time.  Maybe if we all sent them the same message, they'd
get the hint???



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We are new to Library World and I am confused by the "type" field in  

the patron module. I entered my types in the settings. However, when I  

go to enter a patron, there is no drop-down box with choices. Do I  

need to manually enter the "type" for each patron. Seems as if manual  

entry may lead to errors.


Thank you,


Vicki Zelnick


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