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Hi Amy,

One of the things you can do for ILLs is to attach several item barcodes to
a blank page and laminate it. I think I did 10 as we don't do that many
ILLs. Then when an ILL book comes in, do a quick catalog: title, author,
etc. and assign it one of those barcode numbers. Then just sign out the
book to patron by scanning the barcode on the page. You can check off with
Vis-a-vis pen on the page to indicate it is being used.

Sometimes, too,  I just use the barcode on the book that arrived. Just make
sure in both methods you indicate that the book is an ILL. I usually put it
in 'Collection' but you could also put it in "Branch' so that you can pull
up a list of the ILLs easily. You can also add other information, such as
the sending library, date it is due back, etc. Depends how much time and
effort you want to spend and how many ILLs you do. Be sure to delete the
record you created once the book has been returned.

We use a lot of Volunteers at our library. I made a sheet that we keep on
the Desk that people can use to fill out information when the internet is
down, or the computer is not on, or there is a problem checking out a book.
You can view it  and copy it at

You can copy the Report (but be sure to use 'Select all' and copy) and
paste into a Excel, OpenOffice, or Google docs spreadsheet. Then you can
manipulate the data. If you want more help on how to create and copy a
Report, please ask.

I decided to post this to the LibraryWorld listserv, as well as to Amy, so
that perhaps someone else can use these ideas. I'd like to hear what others
do, too.

Barb Rehmeyer
Liberty Library

>Date:    Tue, 21 Oct 2014 15:54:33 -0400
From:    Director <director at WESTBUXTONPUBLICLIBRARY.ORG>
Subject: Re: Library World users

Thank you all for the responses.  I have subscribed to the LibWorld list.
We also have a book that we use to keep track of ILL's, so I guess we'll
continue it that way.  Also, thanks for the ideas on handling check outs
while the website is down.  We're still using our old card system as well,
because there are still a few collections I need to put into the system
(DVD's and magazines).  At the end of the day, we count all the books that
are checked out and break them down into categories, so I have been
continuing to use the cards as it seems easier than trying to separate
everything out (check ins/outs as well as categories) from the report.  For
the most part, I do like it, and being that we had absolutely NO catalog at
all when I came on in January, now being able to look up a book still
causes me to break out in a big grin of relief!!

Thanks again!

Amy Jajliardo
Library Director
West Buxton Public Library
34 River Road
Buxton, ME  04093-0348
director at westbuxtonpubliclibrary.org
West Buxton Public Library <http://www.westbuxtonpubliclibrary.org>
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