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Andrea DeBiase adebiase at carrabassett.lib.me.us
Sat Sep 3 11:41:08 EDT 2016


This is so frustrating!  Has the email text for "transactions statements 
for all patrons" changed recently? I NEED TO CUSTOMIZE THE WORDING! 
Instead of simply telling patrons that they have certain items OUT and 
when they are due, the email begins with a blanket statement of items 
OVERDUE, even when the patron has zero overdue items! And then goes on 
to say that "Multiple attempts have been made to reach you by email." 
which is in most cases FALSE!

Here is my statement , even though I have no overdues, immediately I am 
put in high alert and think I still have something I shouldn't!  We do 
not want to operate this way, instilling fear and wrong-doing in the 
first statement....even if they do have overdues...and especially when 
the don't! Please help me find a way to edit or customize these blanket 
statements or convince LibraryWorld there is a better way!

/      Library: Carrabassett Valley Public Library//
//        3209 Carrabassett Dr  #3//
//        Carrabassett Valley  ME 04947//
// Our records show that you have overdue items that are listed below. 
(WRONG!) Multiple attempts have been made to reach you by email. (WRONG!)//
//If the materials are found, please return them to the Carrabassett 
Valley Public Library. If the materials have been lost, they will need 
to be replaced at the value listed below.//
//Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.///( UNECESSARY!)


Hi Jane,

Unfortunately I cannot currently edit the contents of this blanket 
emails. I will try to explain how it works...I hope this makes sense: 
the email goes out to everyone who has any items OUT /*or*/ 
OVERDUE...the first "list" is the list of items "overdue" (of which you 
have none) and the second list is items OUT ( listed below and the due 

I have complained and asked for them to provide LibraryWorld users with 
the ability to customize the wording of these emails. So for now, simply 
ignore that which does not pertain to you.

I  apologize for any undo stress!


Andrea DeBiase
Library Director
Carrabassett Valley Public Library
3209 Carrabassett Dr #3
Carrabassett Valley   ME  04947
PHONE: 207-237-3535

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