[minervacirc] exporting fine information from a list of patrons - deleting s. portland schools patrons

Alisia Revitt alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
Wed Nov 18 12:50:38 EST 2009

Hi, All.

I am trying to delete the patron records for S. Portland Schools.  However,
there are about 300 with fines.  I wanted to export a list of the items
fined so I could let any libraries outside of SOS know that I will be
waiving fines on their items.  However, I can't find any way to export this
information.  I can get the full amount owed, but that's it.

If anyone knows how to do this, I'd be happy to hear about it.  Otherwise,
this is fair warning that I'm going to waive the fines at the end of the day
today to delete the patron records.  It's therapeutic.


Alisia Revitt
Systems Training and Support Librarian
Maine InfoNet
alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
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