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Hi Chip,
The item owning library notifies the borrowing library that their patron has a bill when the item is 20 days overdue. This allows you to time to contact your patron to attempt to get the item back and not be responsible for payment to the item owning library. At the 45 day overdue mark the borrowing library follows through with the rest of the procedure to pay the item owning library for the item if their patron has not returned it.
Hope that helps.
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I was just going through some bills sent to us, and noticed sometimes 
the items we are being billed for are less than 45 days overdue.  Is 
the initial bill to inform us the 45 day limit is coming up and giving 
us a last chance to contact patrons?

I know the 45 day figure was questioned by some, but I wanted to make 
sure that we ought to wait this long before acting on the Settleup.  
This is new to us, so I just wanted to make sure.

Thanks everyone!

Chip Schrader
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