[minervacirc] INN Reach checkouts

Barbara Bartley bbartley at kvcc.me.edu
Wed Apr 28 14:27:35 EDT 2010

Am desperately trying to get a list of INN-Reach items that are still
checked out by KVCC students; I tried excluding the TCK span of
barcodes, but to my horror have realized that it does NOT pick up the
INN Reach checkouts....  I've successfully run a report of items INN
Reach libraries owe us, but is there an obvious way to do vice versa?

Assistance greatly appreciated,

Barbara Bartley, Librarian
Lunder Library
Kennebec Valley Community College
92 Western Ave.
Fairfield ME 04937-1367
(207) 453-5195
(207) 453-5194 (Fax)
bbartley at kvcc.me.edu

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