[minervacirc] Questions about the Settle Up plan

Susan Taylor susan.taylor at edythedyer.lib.me.us
Tue Feb 9 11:01:20 EST 2010

I've been discussing what we talked about during Friday's meeting with my
Director.  She's concerned about the increase in postage in mailing
different bills and forms.  What are people's thoughts on e-mailing the
between libraries forms and info?  


We currently e-mail 1st and 2nd notices if the patrons have that option,
mail the bill to the patron and e-mail the patron's home library to let them
know what is going on.


What I'm thinking of is instead of mailing the new formal library to library
bill, we would e-mail it and any other necessary information to the patron's
home library to either the circulation contact on the MaineCat Contact List
or to someone on another list yet to be created.


Good idea? Bad idea?  Better suggestion?   


Susan Taylor

Edythe Dyer Library

269 Main Rd. N.



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