[minervacirc] Circulation stats

Molly Larson mlarson at rockport.lib.me.us
Thu Feb 11 09:52:37 EST 2010

We use the definition of circulation as it is on the Maine State  
Library Annual report-items must leave the library in order to count  
as circulation. We have "honor system" books we add to our circulation  
tally each month. These are items that are not cataloged but are  
borrowed and then returned-paperbacks from our paperback exchange and  
extra copies of bestsellers, for example.

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Quoting Sarah Schultz-Nielsen <saraho at lithgow.lib.me.us>:

> Hi,
> I'd love to hear from other libraries on how you collect circulation
> stats. I know there are different ways to collect them, although as a
> whole we don't have a standardized way of collection that acknowledges
> both in house circulation of home owned library items, plus
> inter-library loaned items.
> Feel free to mail me off list and I will share with all.
> Thanks!
> Sarah
> Sarah Schultz-Nielsen
> Assistant Director & Youth Services Librarian
> Lithgow Public Library
> Winthrop Street
> Augusta, ME 04330
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> saraho at lithgow.lib.me.us

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