[minervacirc] Stuck Bib level holds

Susan Samberg ssamberg at thomas.lib.me.us
Thu Feb 11 14:54:59 EST 2010

It doesn't  matter. We try placing the holds through the patron record,
bib record, item level hold (not that we're suppose to do it that way),


"Courtney Sparks" <csparks at patten.lib.me.us> writes:
>Just out of curiosity, are you placing the holds in the patron record or
>the bib record? I wonder if that has anything to do with it.
>Good luck
>Courtney A. Sparks, MLIS
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>Every month we place bib-level  holds in Mill Circ  for each patron in
>our book group. We chose older titles that have multiple copies and place
>approximately 18 reserves. Without fail, a few of the holds are filled
>then the remainder "are stuck" and I have to send out a plea to the
>MIN-LIST to grab copies and send to us. Today I called around to activate
>some holds and learned that Jesup and South Portland make holds for their
>book groups through Mill Circ. and DO NOT have the same problem. SP said
>they did have the stuck holds problem, but haven't in awhile.
>Someone help, what is going on? Please let me know if your library:
>1) Does have a problem with stuck bib-level holds for multiple book group
>2) Doesn't have a problem with stuck bib-level holds for multiple book
>group items
>2) Did have a problem with stuck bib-level holds for multiple book group
>items and no longer does
>I'll pass the info onto the support desk.
>Susan Samberg
>Circulation Librarian
>Thomas Memorial Library
>6 Scott Dyer Road
>Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

Susan Samberg
Circulation Librarian
Thomas Memorial Library
6 Scott Dyer Road
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

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