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Debbie Lozito debbie.lozito at edythedyer.lib.me.us
Wed Jan 6 15:58:03 EST 2010

Hi everyone,

I am holding Waterville's CD book The Wrecker by Clive Cussler. It has one
barcode (36662003444408) on the outside and a different barcode
(36662003444440) on the inside. We checked it in using the inside barcode
and that checked in Waterville's MP3 format of Stephen King's Under the Dome
which was checked out to Thomas Memorial's patron Donna Lu Holden and set it
in transit to Pittsfield.


I've taped a note to the inside barcode saying it belongs to Under the Dome.


Thomas Memorial: I don't think I'm allowed to check Under the Dome back out
to your patron, so you probably want to do that.


Pittsfield: Your patron Suzanne McCaw may think Under the Dome is on its way
for her, but it isn't.


I will check it in using the barcode on the outside and give it to my patron
who requested the Clive Cussler book on CD.


I feel like I'm inside a Rube Goldberg machine:-)   I'm sorry if this seems
confusing, but it is. I sure hope these are the only two barcodes that were



Debbie Lozito


Edythe Dyer Community Library

269 Main Road North

Hampden, Maine  04444





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