[minervacirc] Labeling delivery bags for YORK

Liz Reisz lreisz at yorkschools.org
Thu Jun 17 13:11:17 EDT 2010

One more word of caution about deliveries to York. Please make sure the
bags are being correctly labeled for books going to the YORK PUBLIC
LIBRARY. The York Schools are in the final weeks of delivery. This week on
Tuesday we had just one bag labeled "York Schools" but the book inside was
for the York Public Library. Again today we had just one bag labeled "York
Schools." Inside was one book for us and one book for the York Public
Library. We are especially concerned that books destined for the York
Public Library this summer, if bags are incorrectly labeled, will end up
sitting in a warehouse until our delivery resumes at the end of August.
Please ask your staff to be extra careful about labeling delivery bags.
Summer is a busy time for public libraries. No one wants their patrons to
be disappointed.

Elizabeth Crawford Reisz
Director of Library/Media Services
York School Department
30 Organug Road
York, ME 03909
tel. 207-363-7887
fax 207-363-1811
ereisz at yorkschools.org

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