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Alisia Revitt alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
Mon Mar 1 10:35:31 EST 2010

Hi, Jane. (and all, since it's a helpful kind of list to run)

If you want to find the patron with the email address for example
jweed at ci.lewiston.me.us, you would run a list like this

Store Record Type: Patron
[if it's one of your patrons]  Index  Barcode (b)    2____000000000 to
2____999999999 [with your 4 digits]

Type          |      Field    |  Condition  |   Value A
Patron (p)  |  email (z)   |  has (h)    |   jweed at ci.lewiston.me.us

You could probably shorten it to just has jweed as long as it was relatively
a relatively distinctive name.  If you got more than one result, you could
always just have a look.  If it's not one of your patrons, I'm afraid you'll
have to run the entire range, which will just take longer.

That should do the trick,


Alisia Revitt
Systems Training and Support Librarian
Maine InfoNet
alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org

On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 10:09 AM, Jane Weed <jweed at ci.lewiston.me.us> wrote:

>  Hi, All.
> Is there a way to search the Millenium patron database to locate an
> e-mail?  More specifically, to identify the patron that goes with a
> particular e-mail address?
> Thanks for any clues or assistance,
> Jane
>  Jane Weed
> Circulation Services Supervisor
> Lewiston Public Library   www.lplonline.org
> 200 Lisbon Street, Lewiston ME 04240
> Office: (207) 513-3004, ext. 3506
> TTY: (207) 784-3123; Fax: (207) 784-3011
> Email: jweed at ci.lewiston.me.us
> The City of Lewiston is an EOE.  For more information, please visit our
> website @ www.ci.lewiston.me.us ( http://www.ci.lewiston.me.us/ ) and
> click on the Non-Discrimination Policy.
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